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  1. Might wanna go ahead and make the "recent activity" exclude the PPV section, seeing as how it spoils the shit out of it for guys who wait a day to watch the thing.
  2. You may have a point, but its far too easy to access the results either way.
    If Wikipedia isn't to your liking, WWE updates by the hour as well.
    I don't like reading and having information spoiled, but if it bothered me too much I'd just as well avoid the site entirely for the time being.

    I remember reading a few years back that the Miami Heat had won the finals. It was spoiled in the status' section of this website.
  3. I feel ya bro
  4. You lurked here for years before joining? Wild.

    I'm pretty thankful the majority of people here know to not spoil shit at this point, it was the worst back when BLFFL still had statuses.
  5. Nope, I've been a member here. I recently opened a new account with a new handle
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  6. On the page or the sidebar block that is now removed?