Pre Extreme Rules talk

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  1. *Jacob walks down the ramp and enters the ring, the crowd don't know what to say*

    I came here today because I wanted to talk about the actual chaos we have, Fight Night Wrestling has come back and our wrestlers seem to leave this company. FNW failed not long ago because of a bad management and the crowd wasn't as good as this *the crowd starts cheering Jacob* but even if you're better than them you still suck, you're nothing but the ones who make me lose because you can't admit I'm a better human than you! *the crowd starts with chants that say "we all hate you!"*

    Why I came here tonight is because I'm here to proudly say that I'll stay in this company fighting every single day I've got to fight, at least our company hasn't failed and you guys like it but the truth why I'm staying here is because this company is everything for me, they saw me grow as wrestler, they gave me the opportunity to fight and do what I love and even if I lose they keep giving me chances because they know my potential not as you nerds. Well, with that said I please want to have here in the ring those other people who are going to actually stay with us and fight under the IWT name. Someday maybe we could make something like WWE's bragging rights between IWT and FNW but that's something managers will have to decide, right now I want to know who's with us because I want to have the best Extreme Rules ever!

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    I know there's a thread dedicated to know who's staying in the IWT but I want you guys to announce you'll be staying under your character, you can make this thread a chaos if you want