Storyline Pre-Match Interview w. Spawn (Anarchy)

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  1. Spawn is in the middle of a sparring session in his segregated locker room. It's just Spawn, his coach and two of his training partners, one of which is trying to lock various submissions on Spawn, to which the superstar counters and slams him on a small mat in the middle of the room. There is a knock on the door and all the men stop the practice as the coach opens the door.


    [Coach] Do you mind lady? We are in the middle of some very important training right now. Come back another time!

    Spawn peeks over to the door and sees Ingrid Vines with a microphone in hand with an unsure look on her face as she locks on to Spawn looking to double check with him.

    [Spawn] She's cool. Let her in.

    The coach moves out of her way as she barges in with an exited smile on her face.

    [Ingrid] Sorry to interrupt... I was just really hoping you wouldn't mind doing another one of these interviews before you have your match with Ivy Hale later. I can come back if you-

    [Spawn] Guys, go catch a break. We shouldn't be too long.

    Spawn waits for his crew to leave the locker room before talking to Ingrid again.

    [Spawn] So what did you want to ask?


    [Ingrid] Well firstly I guess we should see, how you are feeling? This is your first match after this big change in your life. Not to mention you are against a real tough opponent in Ivy Hale. Whats going on inside your head right now?

    [Spawn] I'm feeling confident. I thought I would of been more nervous coming back out here. I never knew what to expect when I came back here, but the opportunity I have received is not going to waste. I can't wait to get out there and show everyone how serious I am about the new me. I just want to show people how much this all means to me.

    [Ingrid] That's great. We caught you locking up with a couple partners here in your locker room. What were you working on? It looked a lot more intense than just a stretch.

    [Spawn] I have watched Ivy since her first win. She might be smaller than a lot of the guys around here but she packs all her tools in that little body. She chokes people out. Makes them sleep. My team and I have gone through some of her tapes and we have worked on an arsenal to counter her offense. When she tries to wrap around me she is going to be in a shock. My power is far greater than hers, and I am waiting for her to strike so I can turn it against her.

    [Ingrid] That all sounds great, but training like this literally hours before your match could easily injure or harm you before the fight that really determines who Spawn is. Are you not worried that going hard like this before your match could have a serious effect?

    [Spawn] You said it yourself. Ivy Hale is good. I need every minute I can get to prepare myself for her. Sure it could be taxing, but I would fight with broken bones if that is what it took to beat her.

    [Ingrid] Clearly you have done your homework for this fight and you have a very confident game plan. Is there anything you would like to say to the fans before we wrap up?

    [Spawn] Yeah. Whatever happens tonight, just know I am grateful. I can't say I will beat Ivy. All I can say is I will try until my last breath. It's not about me tonight. It's not about Ivy. It's about everyone who tunes in to watch. I hope I can show everyone how sorry I am about my past actions. I only hope that at the end of the day that these people will see that I don't want to be a monster any longer. I know that I was an ass. I know people point and they laugh. I know there is no one in my corner when I step out tonight.

    And rightfully so. I don't expect anyone to appreciate me or want me to win tonight. I just hope that someday I can earn that sacred bond...

    Ingrid motions to wrap up and Spawn extends his hand for a handshake as Ingrid's crew leave the locker room. Ingrid shakes the large hand of Spawn as she leans in and whispers to him.

    [Ingrid] Don't beat yourself up so much. I will be cheering you on. I always did like a happy ending to my stories.

    Ingrid gives him one last smile as she walks out of the room.


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  2. can't wait for the intergender tag team match between Chris and Lilith Young vs. Spawn and Ingrid for the rights to be IWT's power couple lamo~
  3. Spawn is the only man listed above.
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