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  1. *The scene opens up backstage at IWT Anarchy where we see Sage standing in the middle of the interview area. The Anarachy logo is on the TV behind her and she raises her mic.*

    Sage: Ladies and gentlemen it has been a great night so far here at IWT Anarchy but there is still much more to come. Coming up in a few minutes, we will be crowning brand new IWT Tag Team Champions. With me right now is one of the men competing in that match, he is one half of Virtue, he's Joey Bryant.

    *The crowd pops in the background as Joey walks into camera view wearing his ring gear with a smile on his face.*

    Joey: It is good to see you again, Sage, had a feeling we'd be crossing paths again real soon.

    Sage: Likewise Joey. It is my pleasure. Now coming up in mere moments, you will be teaming up with Michael to take on Tyson Storm and Slate Bass where you will be looking to become a tag team champion, something you've never done before. Any thoughts going through your mind before the match?

    *Joey takes a deep breath and nods.*

    Joey: Well you said it yourself I think. Winning a tag team title is something I've never done before. It is a new experience for me, and so far, Michael and I have done well. Now unfortunately, we made it here by winning handicap matches as in both of our matches, one of our opponents failed to show up. A real shame but nonetheless, we're still here tonight in the finals and still hungry to become tag team champions. Winning tonight would really mean the world to me, and I'm sure I could say the same for Michael, because we really are looking to be the greatest tag team in IWT history. Plus, with us as the champs, we plan on making the tag team division something amazing. I know the tournament has been shaky with people not showing up and what not, but we will be welcoming all challengers that wanna take a shot at Virtue. It'd be foolish for anyone not to show up for a championship match, right?

    *They both chuckle as Sage moves the mic away from Joey.*

    Sage: That would definitely be foolish. But as you mentioned, in your first two matches as a team, you two got somewhat lucky and only had to take on one opponent, are you both prepared for an actual tag team match tonight?

    Joey: Well I mean I wouldn't say we got lucky. Your question right there is the exact reason we're not lucky. Instead of being able to build chemistry and get tag team experience, we were forced to basically turn the matches into singles matches and while we got the wins both times, it didn't do much for us as a team. Regardless, yea we've been training together for months now and working for this very moment so yea I think we're prepared. I guess we'll have to wait an--

    *Joey stops talking suddenly and looks off camera and Sage turns her head and looks the same way.*

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  2. *Mark Knight is seen walking into the shot, interrupting Joey's interview. The hood from his vest is over his head to cover his face, most likely embarrassed for yet another loss. Mark stands toe to toe with Joey before taking Sage's arm to move the microphone away from Bryant, and points it towards himself.*

    I was wrong, Mr. Bryant. I went out there alone thinking that I would still be able to get the job done against you, and against our General Manager. Maybe I let my ego get in my way, maybe it was my pride. One thing is for certain, I simply was not capable to get the victory alone.

    But make no mistake about it, this isn't over. Whether Virtue wins, or whether D.T.F wins, my warning still stands. I am not done with those titles, and I am not going to take any chances next time.

    We might meet again, and if we do, I will not be alone. Only time will tell before you see what lies ahead of you, but by then it will be too late.

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  3. *Joey smirks at him and takes the mic back and chuckles.*
    "I respect the attitude, Mark, and it took some balls to come here right now and interrupt my pre-match interview. Maybe next time you try to make some statement against me you'll have an actual partner to watch your back. Until then, Michael and I will be keeping those titles nice and warm... I can promise you that. Now I'd love to stay and chat but our match is about to start and i'm actually going to show up for this match unlike your former partner. Catch you later, chief."​

    *He pushes the mic into Mark's chest and turns around and walks away from the interview area, leaving just Mark and Sage standing there.*