OOC Pre-SummerSlam PPV Card - "X-Communication"

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    Sorry, I don't have the time ATM to write up a card thread like I usually do, but this is what we have and I want to get it out there sooner rather than later.

    Monday August 4th
    Jwab (@Hollywood Jwab ) vs Bruce Knight (@Forrest ) - X-div match

    Tuesday August 5th
    Justin Magnus (@FailFaceFTW ) vs Clobbersaurus(?) (@HunterHearstJericho ) - X-div match

    Chris Kaizier (@Bill Clinton ) vs Andrew(?) (@Shadow ) - regular match

    Wednesday August 6th
    Trevor(?) (@Trevor~ ) vs Aiden Ryan (@Butters! ) - X-div match

    Thursday August 7th
    The Artist (@Tsar ) Vs Nick (@Nickelodeon ) - X-Div Championship Match

    Friday August 8th
    B.Dazzle (@B.Dazzle ) vs Lord Lee (@Ovalhead Le Jobber ) - regular match

    Saturday August 9th
    Alias Antonio (@THG? ) and Joey Bryant (@DK James ) Vs Dat Kid (@Dat Kid )- Handicap match

    Sunday August 10th
    X-div triple threat - made up of the 3 winners from x-div matches earlier in the show - winner faces Nick at SummerSlam

    If I got anybody's names wrong I apologize ahead of time. I put a (?) next to the ones I was not sure about. Let me know and I will fix it. Also, most of you were contacted about what day was best for you, but if you are scheduled on a day that does not work for you please speak up ASAP and we will try to get it fixed as best we can to accommodate you. Enjoy guys. Now get to building those feuds!!!
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  2. :okay:
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  3. Looking forward to teaming with the slave.
  4. I look forward to sleeping
  5. The card is looking really good! It'll be weird to not be in a match, but I'm still looking forward to the matches booked.
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  6. Let's do it. This card is almost like a Destination-X, perfect timing, I like it.
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  7. Woah woah, why are you putting the pothead against 2 people?
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  8. You really are out of tune, look through the section.
  9. We should rename it Destination X. Would be cool to have a different event once in a while.
  10. I hope you know that I posted it in a "DK James is a pothead" type of way. Not his character or anything.
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  11. Wow, pot is bad for you Dk. Say no to drugs.
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  12. I know right? No one should be under the influence of the devil's lettuce.
  13. Crack is wack
    Pot is not hot
    LSD taste like pee-pee
    Drugs are like bugs, they're bad and make you sad. Say no or you'll be fat like D-Lo
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  14. Smoking fags has nothing to do with pot, man.
  15. @Shabang @Bill Clinton have we resolved what day you guys are on, and if so moved the people on that day to thursday and told them?
  16. TBH, I think I put the people on Tuesday because they were ones I heard from and that day was good for them, but I could be wrong. We may have to do 2 matches one day and leave one day open.
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