PPV Precision Night Of Champions - Match Card

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  2. WOOOHOOO! My first PPV Main Event!
  3. two girls go one on one :kappa:
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  5. Good luck to all and I want to see you win that euro title @TheKingSonic :emoji_wink:
  6. You can still get a match. @AfricanScatMahn was looking to get on as well so you both could feud this week if he wants.
  7. Sure I would be up for it
  8. Thanks man. Good luck in your match if you get one. :ambrose3:
  9. I wonder if the undisputed title match will end with it being disputed
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  10. Ohhh opening the show and my first title match I'm happy with that, good luck everyone
  11. How long do we have to do the matches?
  12. Buster at the end of the show with the title
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  13. Sunday
  14. Just curious, why not send out match PMs now instead of waiting? Just so the people who already know their matches can schedule with five day advance over two.
  15. Always sent them when I wanted I guess....Will send them in a sec
  16. And the match card isn't finished
  17. @TheFrostyBlur you need to update the card so it's me vs Solarxpixel
  18. Need a promo from both of you showing me this is a feud. You have until Thursday
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  19. I guess being the first to want a match didn't help haha :emoji_stuck_out_tongue: But anyway good luck guys!
  20. Go get urself a feud, I think the card is subject to change till tomorrow! :emoji_slight_smile:
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