WrestleMania Predict WM card order

Discussion in 'PPV's & Specials' started by Rain, Mar 25, 2013.

  1. Opening match : Del Rio vs Swagger.

    2match:Fandango vs Jericho/USA title
    3 match:Barret vs Miz
    3match:Tag Team champ.
    4 match:Divas
    5 match :Shield
    6 match:Henry vs Ryback
    7 match:HHH vs Lesnar
    7 match:Taker vs Punk
    9 match:Khali vs hornswoggle (Sorry guys...its cena vs rock)
  2. Tag Team Titles match to open.
    Main Event
  3. Divas before the main event???
  4. It was at 27 I think too.
  5. Instead of giving toilet time before the main event , give it before the 2-3 most important matches
  6. It'll start off with the US title pre show.
    Henry vs Ryback
    6-man tag match
    WHC ADR vs Swagger
    Trips vs Lesnar
    Tag Team champion match
    Diva's Match
    Taker vs Punk
    Rock Vs Cena.

    Have I missed any?
  7. No, it's actually a good idea and they do it often (27, 28 not divas but some filler iirc) to give people a rest between big matches so they're hot for all of them, and not burned out.
  8. If the WHC match opens again whoever wins may as well chuck the belt in the nearest skip.
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