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    This thread will record the winners of our PPV prediction contests.
    3-time winners receive the triple crown award [​IMG]

    @Leo C
    Money in the Bank 2013
    Night of Champions 2013
    Royal Rumble 2015
    Over The Limit 2012

    SummerSlam 2015
    Extreme Rules 2016
    Survivor Series 2016
    Elimination Chamber 2017

    TLC 2012
    Hell in a Cell 2013
    Survivor Series 2013

    TLC 2015
    Extreme Rules 2016
    Battleground 2016

    Survivor Series 2015
    WrestleMania 32
    No Mercy 2016

    @Prince Bálor
    TLC(s) 2014
    NXT: R Evolution

    Battleground 2014
    SummerSlam 2015

    @Jacob Fox
    WrestleMania 32
    Royal Rumble 2017

    @Gav in da BPL!
    Elimination Chamber 2013
    Fast Lane 2016

    SummerSlam 2013
    Hell in a Cell 2012

    Hell in a Cell 2015
    Survivor Series 2015

    @Randy Borton
    Night of Champions 2014
    Backlash 2016

    @Just Kevin
    WrestleMania 30
    TLC 2016

    Clash of Champions 2016
    Fastlane 2017

    @The ReagMaster
    Money in the Bank 2016
    WrestleMania 33

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  2. Can it be five-time winner/runner up? Or have a separate prize for that? Cos the same person *winning* often will be mad hard.
  3. So, will previous wins count? The reason I'm asking is because I have two wins (at #1) from late 2014. But if it's gonna count from here on out, then that's cool, as well.
  4. Yes they will.
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  5. Sweet.

    Links to my previous wins: TLCS and NXT: R Evolution
  6. Solidus is ineligible for this since he CHEATS.
  7. I've won once. :woods:
  8. Think I've had first prizes a couple of times back in the day. Never really needed them, though. :razer:
  9. You don't need anything else after #CashingIn
  10. Will gather all the stats together tomorrow.
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  11. I remember. You were happy to get that free month of Legend if I remember correctly :burns:
  12. OP updated.
    Predictions award renamed to Triple Crown and now requires 3 wins, not 5.
    Let me know if I missed any PPV's out.
  13. Whoa didn't even know I won Wm32.
  14. Damn never knew I won one haha 3 years ago.
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  15. So, the Triple Crown is awarded only when a member wins the predictions contest 3 times at the #1 spot?
  16. Yep, a runner-up ain't a winner. :y2j:
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  17. LOL, nice one.

    Got ya, boss.
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