Predictions for Raw 2000!!

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  1. So the long journey for another 1000 episodes of WWE Raw has begun with Raw 30th july being the Raw 1001th episode. Predict and discuss the landscape difference between Raw 1000 and Raw 2000...........will there be an Undertaker presence felt even in Raw 2000...............will D-Bry be a great name in the books then...............or will Ziggler emerge on top at that time( Dolph is my personal favourite among the freshers)??
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  2. John cena will be in his 35th title run
  3. I doubt an 97 year-old Undertaker having to be wheeled into the ring would have the desired effect.
  4. HHH will have cloned himself and still be burying people.
  5. Raw 2,000 will be in approximately 19 years.
  6. True but HHH will be in his 60's so will defo need a clone to be capable of anything in ring.
  7. How many of the talent were on Raw 1 and active on the 1000th episode, not including the legends? That'll answer your question I guess.
  8. Very true it was just a joke lols as I know most of us hate HHH.

    Something I could imagine tho so he stays sharp lmao
  9. Meant more to the OP lol, talking about DZ being on the top of the mountain.
  10. I 100% guarantee you that HHH will be involved with Raw 2000.


    Ziggler at age 50 will still be main eventing. He's that damn good
  11. Should we talking about that now? It won't be for another 20 years.

    But if I had to, the current wrestlers would've all retired.
  12. Surprised Dolph's hasn't stated that TNA will be the dominant brand and RAW 2000 won't happen!
  13. It could. Who knows.
  14. TNA has a better product but that's about it. Nobody is knocking the WWE powerhouse off it's pedestal (unfortunately)
  15. I know just thought you may have had a pop lol
  16. I'm not able to book matches one year in advance, no way I'm able to predict what's happening in a special Raw episode in 20 years. :dawg:
  17. Wow I'm getting huge responses keep it up
  18. Dolph Ziggler never becomes world champion, and Vince fires him in the ring and then HHH burys him, and they erase Ziggler's history from everywhere.
  19. I predict that vince will be dead :burns:
  20. Khali is still employed.