prefered triple threat match at wrestlemania

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  1. reigns v ambrose v rollins

  2. Orton v batista v bryan

  1. Batista vs Orton vs Bryan for the title would be my pick
  2. The Shield triple threat is the one mania match I really want to see
  3. Fuck anything Batista related.

    Shield going all out against each other would be fun to watch.
  4. DB isn't going to make anything involving Orton and Batista worthwhile. I would much rather he go over HHH
  5. Yeah, I agree... just trying to "Keep Hope Alive" lol
  6. Even if DB were put into a triple threat with those two people would just bitch when Batista wins the title
  7. The Shield triple threat. They're obviously competing against one another at Mania, hence why the Wyatts/Shield stable war is going down at Elimination Chamber instead of Wrestlemania. Wyatts go over Shield, it proves to be The Shield's last straw as a group, they break apart around a week or two later (if not a little longer), then fight at Mania, yadda yadda yadda. And it'd be weird to have two Shield members go at it with each other while the third goes off and does his own thing with someone else.

    Bryan should go over HHH in what would be the biggest win of his career (or at least on par with the victory over Cena at Summerslam.) And Batista/Orton should go at it one-on-one so that the crowd can shit all over it much to my amusement and enjoyment.
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  8. this is what I am most looking forward to at Mania
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  9. Why would you want to waste Bryan on the dogshit that will be Tista/Orton?
  10. Plus, the only triple threat matches that make sense are the ones where all three guys have been feuding with each other recently. For this reason Orton (c) v Cena v Bryan, the three guys who have held the title for the past year, should have happened. Would've been like WM20, as the new, young challenger wins the title after a Rumble win, beating two established stars.
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  11. You've all got valid points... can I withdraw my vote for Bryan/Batista/Orton? lol...... It would definitely be nice to have Bryan go over on HHH... and to hopefully bring this whole Authority bullshit to an end. Also, to see the Batista/Orton match be completely trashed by A) no audience response or B) constant booing and Bryan chants.... would be enjoyable as well.... and to watch the 3 young guys from The Shield put their everything into a match against each other.. also enjoyable. I should have thought before I posted. Oh well... thanks for bringing me around guys!
  12. The thing is that Orton/Batista/Bryan would still have that aspect to it that WM 20 had - newer challenger (Benoit was 36/37 at the time, not exactly the youngest lol) goes over two veterans to become champion - but only if Bryan walked away the champion, which he wouldn't.
  13. But Tista being there feels so wrong as he has no beef with Bryan or Orton, except from some weak Evolution shit. Since WrestleMania 29, Cena, Bryan and Orton have dominated the title picture exclusively.
  14. What's the deal with the US title merging with the IC is that still going down?
    If so than I thought Langston v Ambrose would be the match at WM. But I mean I would rather see them do a Triple Threat between the Shield for that US Belt real quick and then have Reigns win it and take on Big E. so they can be the ones that combine it rather than Ambrose (no offense, it's just Reigns v Big E is a good show).
  15. As if HHH would ever allow that.
  16. never know
  17. True, but 80% of creative would t have DB win.
  18. If Vince was to step in, which he should do sooner rather than later, then HHH would have nothing to say except "Yes Sir"
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  19. We would all have to hope Vince interferes then.
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