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    Ryan (@Butters! ) Vs Raynor (@Trevor~ ) Vs Lord Lee (@Ovalhead Le Jobber )

    Tag Team Titles
    Desperadoes (@Shadow - already tagged Stop) Vs bWo (who from this group) vs TNG (who from this group?) vs Cole Pain


    European Title
    B.Dazzle (@B.Dazzle ) Vs Midas (@Stopspot )

    Alias (@THG? ) Vs Ami Ennemi @Ami Ennemi

    Gav the Chav vs Gungi (@Fungi )

    X-Div Championship vs Hardcore Championship
    Jwab (@Hollywood Jwab ) Vs Victoria (@CrayJ Lee )

    IWT WHC Title
    Joey (@DK James ) vs Chris (@Bill Clinton )
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  2. Any day is good for me. I think i told Gav that already. :)

    But i thought i'd place it out there to make it easier for you.
  3. What was the point of putting both of the titles on the line if you are only going to have Joey defend one of them?
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  4. One title isn't good enough for ya? :sassy:

    My main reason to try and keep them as seperate as possible is the MITB briefcases. I've already stated in a previous thread the titles were not unified at SS.
    I had not heard that butters - sorry
  5. But it's still weird.

    I just don't see the reason of having a title vs title match that was for the world titles and not having them unified afterwords.
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  6. Lol.

    Gav saying he won't face me for the briefcase but he faces fungi #Bitch #FightMeGav and I'm not apart of the tag team thing, I backed out but if any of the other guys would like a crack at it they can. I have no plans it seems :sad:
  7. I'm not sure the briefcase is on the line. Up to Gav I suppose
  8. So, he still won't fight me.
  9. I've called him out like 3 times already.

  10. Soooo you gotta certain day that works for you?
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    In Gav's defense. We're still waiting for Trevor to reply.

    Edit: LMAO, I thought you were calling out Gav for not getting a match set up. ma bad. This is why i should stay away from the net in the early mornings. Words become jumbled and everything is a blur. :lol1: maybe this is a sign... I'm going insane.
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  12. I didn't even know this match was happening hahah.
  13. Any day besides Friday-Sunday work for me. It's all up to my partner, and my opponents. Whomever they may be.
  14. Even though it isn't my place to talk. To be honest, I think you should probably have both of the world titles on the line. I'd rather it be like that and when the time comes to split them, then it is time. Storyline wise and title wise. It'd be dumb to separate the titles this early, it kind of means the match at SS was for nothing.

    Plus, I like how the main champ doesn't just have 1 person to worry about, but two. It makes for good build/promo material if DK can remember.
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  15. Plus, it's Night Of Champions. Everyone knows what that means.
  16. I'm k with doing the match today lol
  17. Me vs fungi isn't for the briefcase

    @Tsar yawn! You are no longer worth gavs time
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  18. I got some more PMs last night.

    Crayj said weekends
    DK said any day and he'll fit something in
    Clinton said any day
  19. I'm up for the number 1 contender match whenever, I am sure @The ReagMaster checks in atleast once a day. As for TNG @Tumbas did mention he was busy with RL over the weekend so I don't know when we would do the #1 contender match.

    also seniority winning boooo :(

    I am free whenever as well, so whatever works best with the rest of the guys :)
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