Storyline Preparations of Preparations

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  1. *In the chamber, Duggan tuning his X guitar, Jason right next to him*
    Jason: Did you complete the practice?
    *Dexx shows Jason a bunch of photos of him and Boston on their road trip, then photos of Boston running with Pumas in the middle of a Desert with a gardening house covered in Peanut Butter, then Dexx doing it, then another photo of them sitting together at a camp fire with a dead puma behind them*
    Jason: Very Good...
    *Interviewer walks in*
    Int: Uhhh.... excuse me Mr.Duggan? *Dexx stares*
    Jason: He is Da Beacon, you will address him as Beacon Duggan.
    Int: Okay, Beacon Duggan tomorrow you re in a triple threat match with your new friend Mike Boston and another person you faced in the past Dav-
    Int: Okay, the Keeper, and you agreed with Boston to fight each other to claim the title, so whats your strategy?
    Dexx: *Looks upward* Tomorrow, begins the battle for the X! 3 guys, Beacon, Apprentice and Keeper, The Triangle that the Peacock promised would come one day! And the only one who can predict it's outcome would be then our great almighty master The Panda! Now i'm not saying that the Monkey emperor will come pelt us in bananas and start his revolution, because *takes out bananas* I'm the one who lets him. I'm not saying that the Lemur and the Sloth will start their great game of parchisi because *Takes out parchisi dice* I control that too. *looks at a wall, picks up a tomatoe, throws it at a wall, Jason runs over with a measuring stick*
    Jason: 4% away from the nose
    Dexx: Darn. Gotta work on that by the 6th cycle of Hamlot... anyway, what i'm not in control of is this almighty triangle, only he and he knows who becomes keeper of The Great X, not me. *Starts playing guitar, walks towards another wall, faces it, plays a wrong note, stops playing* How does Leo do it... *Turns around* Anything else
    Int: uhhh.... yes, if you win, will this affect your friendship with Boston?
    Dexx: Friendships aren't affected by the decisions of the great panda, the journey will proceed.
    Int: Okay, uhhhh.... anything else you want to add?
    Dexx: Looks at camera, Great Keeper, we went to battle before and I failed, but now I've learned Da Wayz and with the Panda by my side, the High Council and Great Mike, I come to battle with my new skills, attitude and my great sceptor! *Raises Guitar* Look out! I! Beacon Duggan, am coming not for the walnut.... but THE STICK, and with this stick I will whack and whack and whack, and if you can't tale my word for it, ask Boston right now! *Walks over to a crate and knocks on it*
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  2. *The crate opens and Mike comes out, he yawns*
    Mike: Great Gorganzalez what a great Bowling session with The Panda!
    Jason: Did you win?
    Mike: oh Jason... The Panda ALWAYS wins...
    Int:Uh.. Mr.Boston?
    Mike: Hold your spider monkeys Man with a mic, allow me the address this the way the Panda taught me...*Mike closes his eyes he walks in a direction until he hits a wall, he puts his hands on the wall, Jason gives him a marker, he draws a triangle with an X in the middle, Jason then hands him an egg... Mike backs away from the wall and throws the egg, then leaves the room looks down the hallway and runs*
    Jason: Well? Follow him!
    *The int. and Camera man leave Jason and Dexx and follow Mike,who stops at some equipment and is sitting pretzel style on top of it, Mike has a battery in his hand a flashlight in the other, he puts the battery in the flashlight,and points it down the hall then gets up then keeps running towards catering, grabs a cherry*
    Mike: If only I had the tribal cherry...
    ???: You do now...
    *Susan walks in with a cherry, one is red the other blue*
    Mike: COULD IT BE
    Susan: Yes, Leo trained you, remember!
    *Mike eats the blue one, then the red one, stands for about a minute then screams*
    Mike: PANDA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *Runs right into a wooden door, breaking the door, the sign next to it says "ladies room", a bunch a girls come out screaming, then Mike comes out, kneels, looks up* Great X, I worship you, may you please find your proper master!!!!
    *Leo walks in*
    Leo: ... ... ... ... ... as time grows, we must know, why we come and we go... you and Da Beacon are ready...
    *End of scene*
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  3. OOC @Jonathan time to get these dudes a match.
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  4. Good job looking at the uprising card:pity1:
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  5. i keep forgetting the x division match....idk why
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