Storyline Prequel to the Sequel (Trevor Raynor accepts the invitation to the X-Division tournament)

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  1. Two giant doors slide open in a big warehouse. A man wearing a suit and sunglasses stands in the doorway, behind him we can see what appears to be the geography of Hollywood. The man begins to walk into the warehouse and his face brightens up in the headlights of a limousine, revealing it is indeed Trevor Raynor. The view turns to the limo, standing in front are four men in suits like Trevor Raynor's. The camera gets a close up of Trevor Raynor's sunglasses as he stares down the four men. The four men all simultaneously unsheathe electro shock batons. Trevor Raynor takes off his sunglasses and looks at all four men once again.

    Let's Dance.

    The four men begin twirling their batons and circling Raynor. Raynor switches into his fighting stands and tries to keep an eye on all four of the thugs. Two of the thugs go straight for Raynor. Trevor grabs one man's arm and swings him into his buddy, causing him to shock his own friend, who goes down to the ground, twitching. He twists the other thug's arm and knees him in the
    stomach several times and then flips him onto his back. A goon tries surprising Raynor but Raynor hooks his arm and punches the goon in the face repeatedly until the man falls to the ground unconscious. The last thug comes running at Trevor Raynor but Raynor kicks him in the gut. He follows up with several boxing hooks and then a spin kick. The thug takes the spin kick but doesn't react at all. He looks at Raynor confused. Raynor stands up straight and looks annoyed.

    This is where you fall down.

    The thug immediately falls on his back dramatically. Raynor looks around in annoyance.

    Where do you get these guys?

    Trevor Raynor turns around and reveals he's on the set of a movie. He starts walking through the set.

    Cut! Alright everyone re-set we'll be back in 15 minutes.

    Says the director of the movie sitting in his director's chair with a megaphone.

    Nope I'm not doing it.

    What do you mean you're not doing it? We're on the set of a picture where are you going?

    I'm going to my trailer and I'm gonna get a gun and I'm gonna shoot myself for being in your movie!

    Trevor you kill yourself, I'm gonna be back directing traffic, Trevor you're killing me!

    The director keeps shouting through the microphone as Trevor Raynor walks through the back of the set.

    Mr. Raynor there's a man here that wants to speak to you.

    A member of the set tells Trevor as he's walking to his trailer.

    Who is it?

    I don't really know.

    You let someone on the set and you don't know who it is?

    No! Of course not...

    It better not be a reporter.

    Haha oh god want me to find out?

    Trevor Raynor leaves the crew member worried and keeps walking. Raynor notices a man reading a magazine sitting in his chair. The magazine is an issue of Pro Wrestling Illustrated and it reads "Trevor Raynor, A Sellout!".

    Hey buddy, you're in my chair!

    The man lowers the magazine revealing it is @Hollywood Jwab.

    Hi Trevor.

    Trevor smiles and shakes Jwab's hand.

    Good to see you Jwab.

    I see the IWC is giving you a hard time.

    Ehh, I dont give a shit about them.

    Trevor, you're one of the best wrestlers in the world. Now, there's a chance for you to prove it.

    Prove it, how?

    A tournament, THE tournament. I'll be participating myself. The best wrestlers in the world are invited. You win, you prove the entire Wrestling Universe, you're not just a Hollywood sellout.

    Trevor takes a look at the invitation and contemplates the the offer as the flashback fades out.

    OOC (open)

    Thought i'd provide a little backstory for my character since there wasn't much. Gives you guys a feel of what he was like before IWT and why he's come to IWT and what's he's trying to prove.

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