Storyline Presenting... IWT Mania!

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  1. *As The Corporation's theme hits, Jonathan walks onto the stage to a rapturous ovation. As the pyro hits,
    the crowd goes wild, they know what's coming...!*

    Ladies and Gentleman, I am the owner of IWT, the company that brings you great talent such as
    Spinzz, Mr. Smith and Christian, and I'm here to announce to you... THE IWT MANIA CARD!

    *The crowd screams in anticipation, barely able to control themselves*

    So without further ado, here it is!

    *Jonathan points to the Titantron which is displaying the IWT Mania 2 card*


    As you can see, this is our most packed show to date, and we're confident you'll have
    one HELL of a time watching the show. Be sure to tune into the IWT Network on Sunday 30th March,
    this is one show that can't be missed!

    *Jonathan smiles on the stage, as he heads to the back as The Corporation's theme continues to play*

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  2. Uh, slight issue, I'm not available Sunday
  3. That just makes my life easier :D
  4. It's 48 hours of promos, sunday+monday
  5. Shocked at how I got a Saturday night match.
  6. Saturday Night's Main Event
  7. :awyeah: :pity1:
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  8. [​IMG]
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  9. I hope Jono realizes that The 7th is on a Monday not a Sunday...
  10. I'm just gonna sit here and hope that I only work the morning on Friday.
  11. How did I fuck that up.. :lol1: oh well
  12. Wow, I'm in a title picture?

    I thought i was doing terrible at IWT. thanks for giving the chance, creative.
  13. Dude, you can go 0-545 and you will still be in the title scene.
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  14. Whoa! At least I'm still in there
  15. I feel bad for everyone having to follow Oval and I after we steal the show :pity2:
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  16. Gonna be tough cutting a promo mid-week due to the plethora of exams. Is it possible you could change my X-Division match to Friday? No worries if you can't haha
  17. Same. I have School to deal with so can we move it to Friday?
  18. Back to back WM main events. I'm not your boy toy.
  19. The Order is going to lay waste to the chavs and they'll watch as Trip and I start our reign as tag champs
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  20. Oh hell no you cheeky ****s!