Storyline Presenting to you at this time, your Interim General Manager...

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  1. As the Chairman of IWTs theme hits, the crowd erupts, as it seems like it has been months since he last made an apperance in the IWT arena. Chants of "Welcome Back" and "Jo-no-than" begin to pop up around the room. Jonathan begins to speak whilst walking down the ramp, interrupting his own theme.

    Jonathan: Now.. Now I don't want to be here long because, quite frankly, I think I might catch something. However... I have an important announcement. So lets get this over and done with, shall we? As you may, or if you're somebody who spends most of their time inebriated *waves to the camera*, may not know, Trip is currently missing, presumed... *Jonathan stops, and takes a deep breath* sadly, dead. This means that we currently have no one running my show IWT, and this is bad, very bad! I know I know... you all want me to come back, don't you?

    *The crowd begins to groan, and look fearful what is about to be said*

    Well, I'm sorry, but... I can't. I have no many corporate responsibilities, something you people know little about, to come back and run IWT. So I have hand selected the perfect man, THEE perfect man, to take over the day-to-day running of IWT. So without further adieu, please welcome your Interim IWT General Manager...

    *Jonathan points to the Titantron*
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  2. *Jwab bursts out with a bright lime green suit on. The crowd is booing as loud as they can boo. He has the biggest smile on his face while making his way down to the ramp. Fans are trying to spit on him but they just can't spit far enough to hit him. He makes his way inside the ring and shakes Jono's hand before taking the mic from him and beginning to talk. He can't talk yet cause the crowd is too loud. He waits for them to quiet down to speak*

    Hola mi bromigos!!!!! I know that you are all worried about the Trip situation but as always, IWT has a Plan B. I think that most of you.... well none of you were expecting me to come out here right now after what I dealt with earlier tonight... I had to make a change and that change wasn't going to be made from inside that ring, so when Trip came up missing, I saw that as my golden ticket to the Wonka factory. I took that chance and now I'm here, in front of you, and in charge. Even though, this is only temporary. We got til someone finds Trip's carcass but if he is alive, I will have to relinquish my General Manager responsibilities. Hopefully, for the sake of the product, that will be never. No offense, Trip if you are out there... watching this... from a ditch or Marcus' basement. The product will be increasingly better with my at the head of the spear that is IWT, and with this I have one hell of an Anniversary show to book.


    This changes a couple things. I will not be stepping into a ring with Rayn and "Lariato" Lars. I know what I did earlier but for the sake of my well being, I wouldn't want to hurt myself hurting them, plus Alias made that booking and I don't give two shits what Alias says. Alias, you and Aids think you can just parade around here making decisions. Well you can't. Cause with me at the helm, I am going to make sure that none of you get an ounce of what you expect. Especially, you two. Aids, you will not be getting ANYTHING you want cause one of my jobs will be making sure you get nowhere close to that IWT championship. You are a relic and the only way you benefit IWT is a simple appearance to promote breast cancer awareness. Now, to Alias. You don't call the shots. I call the shots. I've always called the shots between us, ever since I brought you into this company. You need to learn your place in this company. I don't give a shit what you think and you better remember that. I also don't give a shit about Lee for stealing what is still rightfully mine. But, I learn how to let things go BUT only for opporutnity and that is why I, Interim General Manager of Internet Wrestling Titles, is going to be making the greatest match that IWT has ever seen happen. Something that will give the Xtreme Championship, a title that I founded, a notch on that prestigious value. The Xtreme Championship will be defended by Lee in a TRIPLE THREAT TABLES, LADDERS, and CHAIRS match against an old friend of mine, Rayn, and the mysterious Lariato Lars. I know what you guys are thinking, "But, when am I going to see the greatest competitor in the history of IWT on my television set". I have an answer for that. I will be ringside making sure that none of these three men pull any sneaky shenanigans that doesn't include a table, a ladder, or a chair. Have fun with your punishment, Lee, and well good luck cause I think you are going to need it.


    Well, that is the first of many announcements to follow regarding the future of IWT. I hope you fans enjoy yourselves because you have just witnessed the dawning of a new era, The Jwab Era.

    *his theme plays while he makes his way out of the ring while smlin' and waving*

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  3. ///////
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  4. Aids is shown once again still in the GM office, with the majority of his bottle gone. As the sound is still focused on JWAB walking out, Aids just motions "come get some" to the camera, not moving from his chair at all.
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  5. *As Aids sits in his chair in the General Managers office, a team of 8 security guards arrive and open the door.*

    Mr Johnson, you've been randomly selected to take part in our work sobriety test. Would you please give us a sample of blood so we can
    conduct the test? What's that, no? Then Mr Johnson I'm afraid I'm going to have to have you arrested for non-compliance.

    *A security member motions his hand towards the open door, as 2 local sheriffs walk in*

    Mr Johnson? Could you please come with us...​
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  6. OOC: Alcohol is a banned substance? :lol1:
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  7. Drunk on the job ;)
  8. Can you point me to the unemployment line?
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  9. Jwab as the GM? I'm gonna hop off the train before it becomes a train wreck.
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  10. @Delik, I did it. I've made history. Making Roadster quit. I did it!!!!
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  11. Your greatest accomplishment is making a highly unsuccessful guy quit after 10 months of failure? Hubba hubba.
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  12. It's an accomplishment that I'm willing to hang on my wall.
  13. *Removed spoilers*
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  14. Yes, he is.
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  15. OCC: Congratulations, Jwab!
  16. did he like my comment?
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  17. I hop on his account sometimes cause I'm the general manager and I can do what I want.
  18. Mmmhmmmmm im on to you