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    Barack Obama: The people of the United States Of America, we have fallen under a time of disaster. With the death of Tyrone "Gay Boy" Martin. Yeah, Nelson Mandela died, but fuck that bitch. Tyrone was a great man, a...a...a..terrific example of someone who stood for gay rights. Now, many have been wondering who will be replacing him tomorrow to face @Forrest in IWT. Tyrone said in his will that I will be the one to decide who replaces him. The man I have chosen is a great man, a man of respect, a man of dignity, a man we should all look up to. A man that I love, you love, and Tyrone would love. The American Dream, the Black Jesus. ME! Barack Hussien Obama will face Forrest tomorrow! For Tyrone, For IWT, FOR AMERICA! FOR THE AMERICAN PEOPLE! JUST LIKE MCCAIN AND ROMNEY! YOU ARE GOING DOWN! GONNA RUN ALL OVER YOU LIKE THE GOP! YOU ARE GONNA TRY AND SHUT DOWN OBAMA CARE! BUT YO ASS GONNA NEED IT AFTER I'M DONE WITH YOU! Thank you. ​

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  2. Farooq raises his fist in the crowd. "BLACK POWER!!"
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  3. I literally died when I read this, but please, don't shit on Mandela, that was funny though.
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  4. This is wonderful.
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