Press conference Premiere Nixon vs Messias

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  1. The press gather in attendance for the press conference in Dallas Texas. Sid Taylor stands at a desk with Brian Messias sitting to his left and Nixon to his right, both men have a group with them. Sid Taylor stands up.

    Sid Taylor: Ladies and Gentlemen, thank you for joining us, we are just under 6 days away from the debut of Fight Night Wrestling. And at that event these two men, Brian Messias & Brent Nixon will headline the event. 1st Question to both men, Messias I'll ask you. "Every Win Matters" is the slogan of FNW, as every competitor is valued by their wins. Do you agree or disagree with this and why


    Rules: Nixon (R'Albin), Messias (CM Punk) & Myself are only to post until it concludes, if you wish to comment, please do it in the preview card. I will get to everyone on the card

    For CM Punk & R'Albin: I don't mind you guys posting after the other guy has posted, creating an argument, but when I post next question please follow through.

    This is a test for all press conferences, I hope they go well.
  2. Of course every win matters. Why wouldn't it matter? Would you like to be that guy that has loss after loss after loss? Lets get something straight right now. I'll be the guy that will never face a loss and why? Because I am better than everyone on the planet! And Unlike my opponent I have every damn factor to be called The Greatest Wrestler in the World!
  3. Sid Taylor: Ok, Brent Nixon, same Question, "Every Win Matters" is the slogan of FNW, as every competitor is valued by their wins. Do you agree or disagree with this and why?
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    Online now, apologies for the lateness @[CM Punk] @[Sheldor]

    Wins are incredibly important in this business. I think the names on my back signify this. However this isn't just any win, this is the main event of the most historic Federation X event yet. People will look back in 5, 10, 20 years and remember the fact that Brent Nixon came out on top in the first ever Friday Night Wrestling main event.
  5. Sid Taylor: Moving on to our next question, The Championship Chase which will begin with the premiere, 10 wins to qualify for the Fatal Four Way Championship Match. Does 10 wins seem a lot to qualify? Brent Nixon we shall start with you
  6. 10 matches is absolutely okay in Brent Nixon's book - because that's what it will take - 10 matches for me to be in that Fatal 4 way match. As for the rest? Only time will tell. We have a lot of talented guys in this company and, aside from myself, I can see everybody being able to beat one and other.

    At Friday Night Wrestling Brian, I look forward to making sure that it is at least 11 matches that you have to go through.
  7. Sid Taylor: Brian Messias same question
  8. Ten? Ten wins only? Some people would say that is a lot, but what I say is the more the merrier. The more wins I get, the better because I am a hungry jungle cat looking for food. And to figure out that it'll need ten wins to survive, well... let's just say that's easy hunting for me.
  9. Sid Taylor: What does it mean to you to be Champion of FNW? Brian I'll ask you first
  10. It means that I take a step further from my point of view. I'm already on top of the world, so the question is "Where would one step further take me?" Well the question is simple. It would take me from the Greatest Wrestler in the World to Greatest Wrestler of the Galaxy.
  11. Sid Taylor: What does it mean to you to be Champion of FNW? Nixon, your answer?
  12. I'm currently living a life dream in that I get to kick people's asses for money. And I know for sure that I can do that. The only objective left for me is to win that FNW championship, it's a dream. And I hope it means as much to the company as it does to me, because they will be represented by an amazing athlete and fantastic personality such as myself. I won't dance around, I won't be flashy, I won't be dramatic, but I'll win matches and take this company to new heights with that championship, and I'll be loving every minute of it.
  13. Sid Taylor: Ok, and your final say to one another to conclude this?
  14. I have nothing to say because I have nothing here to prove. I'm going to defeat Nixon on my debut and keep winning until I get the Fight Night Champion.

    If you truly believe I should give any of my wisdom of words to Nixon it's this.

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