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Discussion in 'Fight Night Wrestling' started by CM Punk, Sep 27, 2012.

  1. I think we should have a Press Conference.
    That will mean that all superstars will have to be on at one time or that each day we can have an interview for each match.

    After the conference, you can get opinions on from other Superstars or Fans.

  2. :yes: i think that's a good idea. even though it'd probably be hard to get every superstar at one time. perhaps a selected few that get booked a couple days in advanced
  3. That's why I was thinking that each match should have their own Press Conference each day so there is a higher possibility of it working out.
  4. An idea I have for when we start getting near the pilot show is to run some short vignettes with every character
  5. Good idea
  6. When is the next show btw, or is it unannounced?
  7. unannounced. We want to walk into this well prepared this time. I'd say sometime in November.
  8. Like the idea of this. Will try it for first show as we near it then we will see how well it was received, and if people can commit to doing it each week we will do it
  9. I was just thinking for the Debut and big PPV's actually. :lol1:
  10. Here's an idea. We've got some matches already. Why don't we just air a press conference every week with the competitors of every match until the Fed X re-debuts.

    It'll keep everyone locked into Fed X while the writers prepare
  11. Yeah, because people might lose interest. Well, not lose interest but, you know..
  12. Way to ruin my idea From!
  13. @[CM Punk] If you would like to give me a summary of how your press conference idea was using your match for an example. Pm it to me please
  14. Sure. Will do right now.
  15. You called me one calls me From. :aries:
  16. I DO! :bully:
  17. :upset: Mom the mean people on the internet are bullying me again!
  18. It pays to be Roode Mo'fka!