Press Release: The Peep Show Debuts Next Week

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    Jonathan's, Basement., January 16, 2014 – IWT (NYSE:IWT) announced today that IWT World Heavyweight Champion, Christian will debut 'The Peep Show' to IWT®.

    “Christian is the most intense, charismatic, competitive and outspoken Superstar in sports entertainment history, and his contributions to IWT were extraordinary,” said IWT Chairman & CEO Jonathan. “We are thrilled to debut 'The Peep Show' one week prior to the Royal Rumble PPV”


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  2. Wow, fucked up my first tweet. #Embarrassing
  3. Aids Johnson? Make sure to ask him the hard hitting questions. Like why he offered up his ass for that pounding by dolph. Chumpion
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  4. I bet this'll be the 1st and last peep show we'll ever see. #Irrelevancy
  5. This nigga and his attitude. :tough:
  6. wait u ashley play as the wrestler Christian in IWT? is this not cheating? fans or going for just b/c he play wrestler we see on tv.
  7. You could have been CM Punk if you wanted to.