Storyline Pride of Portugal

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  1. *Backstage a generic interviewer and cameraman are walking towards the the personal locker room of Vítor Mata for an interview.*

    Generic Interviewer: *Knocks on door* Hello Vítor, can you spare some of you time for a quick interview?

    *Vítor opens the door while on the phone, and motions the interviewer to wait while he finishes his call.*

    Vítor Mata: Esta é a caixa de diálogo de enchimento, para que as pessoas sabem o meu personagem é o Português, e que as pessoas saibam que eu vou ganhar o Campeonato IWT. Adeus.*Hangs up phone and looks up* Come in, make yourself comfortable. I love interviews, so lay the questions on me.

    Generic Interviewer: Of course. Let's start of with that fact that you mentioned that you had signed a contract worth millions of dollars. How did you manage to get that deal?

    Vítor Mata: I didn't have to do much to get it there. I just command that much money due to my wrestling profiency, and what I've acommplished at 23 years of age.

    Generic Interviewer: You thought you were going to receive a warm welcome, however you didn't, does that effect you in any way?

    Vítor Mata: No. I don't care if people boo me, that just let me know that they want to be me. That's the American way, they hate what they can't be.

    Generic Interviewer: Okay... Last Question, You said that you want to become champion, how do you intend to do that?

    Vítor Mata: That's simple I beat people... no scratch that, I'll destroy people. I will break anyone in my way. I will do what guys like Eusébio and Luis Figo couldn't do, and what Christano Ronaldo was barely able to do, I will bring a championship to the greatest country in the world, Portugal. That's why I'm The Pride of Portugal.

    Generic Interviewer: Thank you for your time Mr. Mata.

    *The Interviewer gets up and goes for a handshake, but is rejected by Mata. The Interviewer and cameraman are then shown the door by Mata*

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