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  1. Ryan: I now have this reputation. A reputation in whic---

    Jeff: What reputation?

    Ryan: God Jeff, can you stop cutting me off? I have a reputation of being a prizefighter.

    Jeff: And how is that?

    Ryan: Jeff! Give me a damn minute and maybe I'll explain! I have this reputation because of my debut match. Oh Jeff, you should've been there, it was glorious.

    Jeff: I was there.

    Ryan: It was glorious. The biggest show of the year and possibly the biggest show ever, IWTMania 4. I defeated I got beat by Ryan Davis with the perfect ending, a Burning Hammer, slamming his face right into the mat. 1, 2, 3 and I win. The prize? I changed his name. Now I tried, keyword tried, to continue that reputation with my second match, challenging Aids Johnson to a World title match, but I was interrupted. I was shown a video of Nick bragging about this golden ticket and how that leads to an opportunity for the World title.

    After finishing his sentence, he finishes his rubix cube.

    Jeff: When did you get a rubix cube?

    Ryan stares at Jeff with a blank look on his face for a moment.

    Ryan: ... and I was thinking, if the people expect me to fight for a prize, shouldn't this detour, and let's be honest this is just a detour, but shouldn't this detour of facing Nick have a prize, his "Golden Ticket"?

    Ryan holds one finger up while he grabs a chocolate bar. Ryan rips open the packaging and looks all over the bar.

    Jeff: What are you looking for?

    Ryan: My own Golden Ticket so I can wave it around saying I should get a World title match.

    Ryan sighs before continuing.

    Ryan: Okay... I'll act as if his ticket is real.... So Nick, are you, the shell of your former self confident in your "skills" and are willing to put that ticket on the line or are you exactly what I and everybody else know you are and just lying about that ticket to make yourself feel important?

  2. Yes, the Golden Ticket is real. He won it in the Golden Lottery Tournament in November 2015.
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  3. when I was robbed again