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  1. Why the hell does spelling out pro phe cy translate to prophecy?
  2. Seriously? Prophecy
  3. lol
  4. Wow. That's pretty funny. :dawg:
  5. I dont get it
  6. the word pro phecy is filtered to prophecy.

  7. "p-r-o-p-h" = a faggot
  8. Lol was waiting for this thread for like 8 months...

    Oldfags will understand it. I should probably remove it now but yeah.
  9. I just posted on that shit, too funny. Thanks, seabs.
  10. Makes me lol when Lostp r o p h e t s changes haha. Lostprophets.
  11. This word filter > u
  12. That makes me feel pretty bad. :upset:
  13. You weren't too active at the time I don't think. Basically a user called prop h went out and advertised on other communities. Users signed up and were like "Who's Proph?", there was quite a few threads on it so we added a word filter temporarily to change it to "a faggot" for lols, but it stuck, and we never got rid of it. Now it's a legend of WF due to threads like these and other threads where people try to use words that involve prop h and get owned.
  14. you think?
  15. Been saying it for 8 months, but it's such an awesome thing :why:
  16. I never found it amusing
  17. I have my PHD in funny. Trust me, it was never funny.
  18. Probably less offensive than the actual band name is now.
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