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    Pro Wrestling ARK
    A Brand New Promotion from the UK, Capitalizing on the rise of UK Wrestling, started up by Forrest Peters and Commentators Johnny Hartson and Dave Cole, ARK aims to bring the best in the world to the fans of UK Wrestling exclusively to the ARK.

    Colt Cabana
    Dean Allmark
    Doug Williams
    El Ligero
    Fergal Devitt
    Iestyn Rees

    Kris Travis
    James Davies
    James Mason
    Kris Travis
    Mark Haskins
    Martin Kirby
    Marty Scuril
    Noam Dar
    Rampage Brown
    Rob Lynch
    Zack Sabre Jr
    Kaylee Ray
    Leah Owens
    Kasey Owens
    Leah Von Dutch
    Saraya Knight

    Owner and GM:
    Forrest Peters
    Johnny Hartson
    Dave Cole

    Past Guests:

    Tag Teams:

    The Owens Sisters (Leah and Kasey Owens)
    Grado and Colt Cabana
    Team Single (T-Bone and Rampage Brown)
    London Riots (Rob Lynch and James Davies)
    ARK Championship – Vacant
    ARK Dynamic Duo Championship – Vacant
    ARK Bombshell Championship (Diva’s Title) – Vacant

    Next Event: ARK: Chapter One: The Incoming Storm (Sunday 30th March 2014)

    ARK Academy:


    Doug Williams
    Roster (All Fake):
    Daniel Storm
    James Curtis
    Michael Cage
    Stuart Hayes
    David Bowe
    Frank Capella (Real Name: Frank Neil)
    Chris Cross
    Matt Cross
    Michael Alexander
    Dean Romero
    Reagen Cole
    If any readers would like to have they're Character Submitted into the Academy Roster (and Potentially in the full roster) then PM me with this application:

    Wrestling Styles:

    First Event Preview will be out soon.
  2. Pro Wrestling ARK: Chapter One: The Incoming Storm (Sunday 30th March 2014)
    8 Man Tournament for the ARK Championship:

    Colt Cabana
    El Ligero
    Doug Williams
    Fergal Devitt
    Mark Haskins
    Noam Dar
    Zack Sabre Jr.

    Match Card:
    Colt Cabana vs Zack Sabre Jr – Tourney 1st Round
    El Ligero vs Noam Dar – Tourney 1st Round
    Iestyn Rees vs Dean Allmark
    Doug Williams vs Mark Haskins – Tourney 1st round
    LionHeart vs Devitt –Tourney 1st round
    Team Single vs London Riots – Dynamic Duo Championship
    James Mason vs Marty Scurill
    Saraya Knight vs Kay Lee Ray – Bombshell Championship
    Martin Kirby vs Kris Travis
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