Pro Wrestling Unlimited: Release your Potential.

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  1. Ladies and Gentlemen.....Let me introduce you to PWU, The Newest promotion in the US!
    · ACH
    · Adam Cole
    · Amasis
    · Archibald Peck
    · Biff Busick
    · Chuck Taylor
    · Chris Hero
    · Colt Cabana/Matt Classic (Commentator/Wrestler)
    · Delirious
    · DJ Ion (Also PWU's Sound Guy when he's Available)
    · Drew Gulak
    · El Ligero
    . Gavin Loudspeaker (Ring Announcer)
    . Green Ant
    · Fire Ant
    · Jigsaw
    · Johnathan Gresman
    · Martin Kirby
    · Kris Travis
    · Player Uno
    · Player Dos
    · Noam Dar
    · Ophidian

    . Bryce Remsberg (Referee)
    . Johnathan Barber (Referee)
    . Daniel Yost (Referee)
    . Gavin Loudspeaker (Ring Announcer)
    . Leonard F. Chikarson (Colour Commentator)
    . Unknown Owner/Director/Commisioner.

    Tag Teams:
    The Osarian portal (Amasis and Ophidian)

    Project EGO (Martin Kirby and Kris Travis)

    Super Smash Bros (Player Uno and Player Dos.)

    Taylor and Gargano

    The Colony (Green Ant and Fire Ant)

    PWU Unlimited Championship
    PWU Dangerous Duo
    PWU Adrenaline Championship
  2. PWU Presents:

    Unlimited Action I

    Matches Announced:
    8 man tournament for the PWU Unlimited Championship.
    1st round matches:
    Adam Cole vs DJ Ion
    Chris Hero vs Biff Busick
    Drew Gulak vs El Ligero
    Colt Cabana vs Archibald Peck

    Dangerous Duo action!
    The Osarian Portal vs Project EGO
    The Colony vs Super Smash Bros
    Winners face each other for title next month

    Adrenaline Championship Match!
    Johnny Gargano vs Jigsaw vs ACH vs Jonathan Gresman