Politics Probably appropriate since it's the election season.

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  1. Come at me Romney fans. Sure I've posted this before somewhere but oh well, time to get this video some WF spotlight.

  2. Haha, that's awesome. I love the many parodies this guy has done.
  3. Those exist?
  4. The south/racists I suppose?

    (Jokes guys and girls).
  5. Mitt Romney is just another David Cameron.
    Give to the rich, take from the poor.

    Not a single fuck was given that day.
  6. Crayo aren't you from the U.K though?
  7. Of course.
  8. Oh i didn't know US politics reached over there. I sure as hell don't know anything about ur government
  9. It doesn't really. 99% of us don't care, I'm just into politics.

  10. :obama:
  11. Hahaha, all I hear from people down in the south is that they're just sick of it all and not voting.
  12. I fucking love this, lmfao.
  13. Won't or can't? :burns:
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