Profile Banners and Forum Lottery?

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  1. I have seen Profile Banners on a few different sites (SDH and TWF mainly) and I think we should add this plug in (think its a plug in) to let users customize their profiles that bit more , here is a photo example (Thanks to @Chaz for the banner):


    Next is the forum lottery, an admin makes a thread say every Saturday, we pick random numbers and a number is picked randomly, whoever has that number gets X amount of money.
  2. We had lotteries. But people always complained about them being "rigged" or what not.
  3. Hmm, or whatever isn't rigged dont know why people would say that, thoughts on profile banners?
  4. I was wanting to add this recently, but I don't think it's responsive. However, I'm willing to sacrifice that as I doubt many mobile viewers spend too long viewing people's profiles. I'll probably add that very soon.

    As for the lottery, I'll bring it up with staff. That way I know it won't be rigged. Nice suggestions.
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  5. Awesome, thanks!
  6. Completely forgot about my lottery, I'll bring it back next week.
  7. Staff will do it.
  8. :no:

    Anyway, it only got like 10 entries. @Bad News Brad was the winner IIRC.
  9. No idea what you're talking about, but what do I win? I'm mint.
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  10. That's a good look. Like a facebook cover photo. I will have to let people I don't follow view my profile doe.
  11. You dont have to tbh, could just be something for people you follow.
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  12. :yay:
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  13. I like both suggestions. I enjoyed the lotto that was done. Just put a limit on tickets this time!! lmao
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  14. You won my first lottery, didn't ya?
  15. Yep, I remember entering something a while back.
  16. The lottery was racist
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  17. Profile banners added. We'll be doing more to it (restricting image sizes) and making it legend only today.

    Apologies to regular members who might want this feature, but unfortunately we want to make Legend more appealing and reward users for supporting the site.
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  18. [​IMG]
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  19. Awesome stuff. Well done ginger