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  1. Post prospects in the Independent/Lucha/Puro scene that you want people to know about and/or want to see get signed by WWE. It can be anyone really, whether they're old or young. Just a place for people to get to know more about wrestlers that aren't in WWE.
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  2. This is a cool thread idea. I'll definitely be posting here.
  3. Oh I love this thread, always looking to learn about more wrestlers. Gonna be keeping an eye on this one :)
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    Andrew Everett is an amazing wrestler. He's a high-flyer but a great mat-wrestler as well. He mostly wrestles in the US and in TNA. He was trained by guys like the Hardy's because he (or it may be his father) was heavily involved in founding OMEGA. He has wrestled in promotions like CZW, AAW and PWG. He's great friends with Trevor Lee and they have put on some of the best matches, together. He made his debut in TNA like a year ago, in an Ultimate X match, if I remember correctly. He's extremely crisp in the ring and when flying. I find him an enjoyable personality, as well. Haven't really heard him talk but he is definitley an amazingly entertaining wrestler. Everyone should do themselves a favor and watch "The Sky Walker" in-action.

    I also recommend checking out the first Mystery Vortex from PWG, and watch Andrew Everett vs. Cedric Alexander vs. Trevor Lee. It was his and Lee's debut in the company and it made me an automatic fan. I really wished I had known him prior, but he is surely one of my favorites. ​
  5. I'm looking forward to using this thread for hipster purposes and pointing out which guys and girls are likely to not sign with the WWE.

    For serious it will be interesting to see who people place as prospects.