PTP breaking up?

Discussion in 'SmackDown' started by Senhor Perfect, Feb 4, 2013.

  1. If true, it's too bad. One of the only actual tag teams WWE has.
  2. Titus seems like he could be a surprisingly big star, but what would he do? They've got a ton of young heels and he'd get lost in the shuffle... guess you could turn him face since the fans want to cheer PTP anyway.

    But right now... does WWE need another midcarder, or do they need tag teams? Keep the tag team around, you can push Titus later.
  3. Don't want to see that. Titus will probably get lost in the shuffle and I love PTP.
  4. I hope not as I love the PTP, they're a great tag-team.
  5. Okay Rhodes Scholars wrestling in singles compeition? Check. PTP breaking up? Check! Who does Team Hell no drop to? Team Mexico?
  6. No need to break these guys up. Give them the titles.
  7. Fuck it, bring up The Wyatt family and give it to them.
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  8. Just get rid of the tag team titles already. If the titles ceased to exist and tag team wrestling consisted of only singles wrestlers teaming up with each other in matches every now and then, I doubt anyone would mind. I certainly wouldn't. Lance Storm once wrote a great article about why he feels tag team wrestling is dead and will likely never recover.
  9. PTP were one of the ( If not the only ) Good Tag Teams today.
  10. DAMN

    Man, this is Cryme Tyme all over again. Just like Shad, Titus won't get the big push for some reason, becomes a jobber and will be released eventually, same for Young.

    These guys were made to entertain together. Give them the titles, and just see how they roll with it.. No break up please.
  11. Noooo! I love this tag-team.
  12. Not really a fan of theses guys but the tag team division needs as much teams as possible.
  13. These guys were hilarious, shame i can't really remember them winning anything though D:
  14. Team Hell No is also about to break. Rhodes Scholars is already broken and now PTP..

    The Tag Division is doomed.
  15. Judging from the Smackdown spoilers, this is looking like more dirtsheet BS.
  16. Hope not. These guys are a great team, they have great chemistry, funny on the mic, and just are a great team together. There would be no reason to break them up.
  17. This.
  18. I agree with this. Titus has the look, the skill, and he's charismatic. I'm going to hope this doesn't end like when Cryme Tyme split up. I think Titus could be good as a midcarder and it would be interesting to see what he would do as a champion. Barrett vs Titus might be something worth seeing as well since they have a similar build.