PTP to get a title shot?

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  1. I told you all that Young coming out would lead to him getting a push.
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  2. For Show and Henry to challenge wouldn't make much sense right now as Show has been inserted as a big player in the whole Corporation feud it seems. PTP getting the shot would make most sense since, like this article states, they've been on a winning streak. I've always liked and enjoyed them but for them to be getting this push based on Young coming out the closet is absolutely ridiculous. Makes their push that bit less enjoyable. I wouldn't really know what to think if PTP do snatch the belts of The Shield. I'd be shocked to say the least.
  3. Darren and Titus definitely got that push because Darren came out, but they've been having really impressive matches as of late and their entertaining so I don't think JUST the coming out thing is a reason they should have the title. They've earned it.

    However, on the same side of things I think the Usos deserve it more. Imo they are the best tag team on the roster and they have been the best for a very long time now. I think the Usos should be the ones to get a title shot, if not at least be involved in a triple threat tag match for the titles
  4. I don't have a problem with it. They're entertaining, homo(s) or not.
  5. if you werent the one who said it, i would have never believed it :smug:
  6. I'm still putting that quote in the win column
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  7. [​IMG]
  8. I am conflicted. On one hand I see the PTPs perform and the reactions they tend to get and I say "put the belts on them!"

    then I remember the belts are as ugly as they are meaningless and I am a bit more apathetic towards the entire situation.
  9. This^

    People get depushed for all the wrong reasons a lot of the times. I don't care if their push is because Darren came out of the closet. They are hard workers, entertaining, and a great tag team. No reason to not put the tag team straps on them, plus they would make a great face team.
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  10. Don't really care if it's because of Darren coming out of the closet or not, but I think they deserve it and I expect HHH interfering because The Shield is about to lost. Would really love to see that happening.
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  11. I hope so, I've always been a big PTP fan and I'd love to see them winning the belts.
  12. No way, Mark Henry is coming out there with an injury, let the big guys rest. And Big Show is currently involved in the Yes Yes and Best for business with McMahon family currently. Yeah, Darren Young and Titus O' Niel maybe just get in there with getting a shot at the Tag Team Titles but I doubt both of them will go home power-bombed.
  13. There's a concept a few of you need to learn about called "Post hoc, ergo propter hoc." This is a Latin phrase which suggests that, since an event happens after an incident, the incident is the cause of the event.

    I bring it up because it's shown by logicians as a fallacy. Just because PTP got pushed around the same time that Young came out of the closet doesn't mean that Young coming out of the closet is the reason the PTP are getting pushed. In case you guys didn't notice, PTP was starting to get pushed before the interview in which Young announced his homosexuality. JBL (who is often considered the voice that is tipping where the WWE's attention will go) was saying good things about Young and O'Neill well before that interview.

    Combine their growing popularity (and the push they were already receiving) with the fact that Henry suddenly became possibly unable to compete at NOC (at least apparently unable when they were starting the set-up to NOC), it seems a natural fit for PTP to be placed in this match. Having said that, I'm not sure how it will play out. Most of my thinking says that they end up jobbing to the Shield, but looking good in the match. I mainly think that because I figure Show and Henry will be the team to take the belts off of Reigns and Rollins. A small part of my thinking suggests that Henry and Show come out and cost Shield the match, giving the belts to PTP and leading to a non-title feud between the "corporate Shield" and the "revolutionary Show/Henry". So, that's my thinking.


  14. lol who says that? JBL is little more than the "heel" commentator.

    JBL says plenty of random shit. I mean, he said Titus O'Neil is a future champion, Wade Barrett is a future champion, all well and good - I hope he's right because I think they're great wrestlers - but that doesn't mean people are gonna start expecting them to get title shots anytime soon. idk if that's what you meant though.

    As far as PTP getting a title shot at NOC... idek. US title and Tag Team titles mean nothing right now, other than decorating The Shield. Reigns/Rollins have only defended it once since they won it. If the WWE really wanted to give PTP a push, they'd have them feud with The Real Americans to get them over and then later down the road give them a title shot.

    They're just pushing The Shield down our throats right now, trying to get everyone to believe they're so dangerous and legit. It's kind of hard to see them playing both Triple H's attack dogs and actual title holders looking for challengers at the same time.

  15. Seriously? :lol1:

    I thought this was as obvious to everyone as it was to me. Sorry if you didn't get it.