Punk/Heyman + Laurinaitis/Swaggy pairing? + Punk's tweet to Heyman

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  1. http:emoji_confused:/www.wrestlinginc.com/wi/news/2012/0815/555295/cm-punk-paul-heyman/

    No idea how reliable these guys are but let's all collectively fap over Heyman/Punk interaction anyway.


    CM Punk replying to Heyman as well

    [email protected]: It's going to be one wild F'n year!” They have NO idea.

    OMG :fap:
  2. A Heyman/Punk pairing would be pure golden. I would love to see it happen!
  3. :mog: The microphone can't handle this Vince! Everything will be to damn epic!
  4. Together, or just a feud with each other?
  5. Pretty sure they will be together.
  6. Forget Heyman/Punk, look at Laurinaitis/Swagger! The two guys who proved that you can suck on the mic and still get monster heat. What would that mic exchange be like?

    Will Swagger ever call Big Show "Big Throw", as we sit here and make bad jokes about him getting backstage heat with Barrett?

    Will Laurinaitis ever call him Jack Sparrow?
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  7. The thing is Swagger is enjoyable on the microphone. His ECW promos and early WHC reign ones were good. And people are playing up his speech impediment way too much. It is hardly noticeable. One of the greatest entertainers of all time - Dusty Rhodes - has a worse speech impediment than Swagger.
  8. The All american People American Power


    I agree, but I couldn't stand Dusty on commentary on FCW though.
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  9. People are making the mistake of thinking that being great on the mic translates to being great on commentary, it does not. A great promo cutter does not translate to being a great commentary man. To be good on commentary you need a different form of viewing the game than a player, you need to look at it with a wider lens. Promo cutters can become good commentators with time. Dusty is not a veteran on the commentary table far from it, Matt Striker did not start off as a great man for the commentary table but grew into it.
  10. I understand that, I think they maybe should have gave him some practice time for that or something. I think they just threw him on there because of his promos and assumed that he was going to be great on commentary, but in fact he was the complete opposite. The commentary isn't for everyone, and Dusty is sadly one of those people who I think doesn't fit in. He's a great promo cutter, just not commentary
  11. People still consider Dusty as good on the mic...?
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  12. Compared to his generation yes. Compared to some of the current....No
  13. Re: RE: Punk/Heyman + Laurinaitis/Swaggy pairing? + Punk's tweet to Heyman

    Very few have cut a better baby face promo than the hard times one, just look at his tone and interaction with the camera. He makes you feel it.
  14. Punk and Heyman pairing would be awesome, no doubt about it. I think Swagger should turn face, it'd benefit him more, but pairing him up with Ace... yeah, who knows.
  15. I meant still. When he cuts a promo now I cringe personally.
  16. Isn't that more the fault of him using the same way of cutting promos that was relevant/worked in his time?

    I'd say the way of cutting a successful promo changes with the generations. Just my two cents on that.
  17. I don't critique his style or delivery, he just can not cut a good promo any more imo. It might just be me, but I cringe.
  18. Most people our generation most likely have a hard time sitting through a promo by someone from Dusty's era. Dusty is such a off again on again on screen character that he never takes the time to get with the times. Hogan and Sting can still cut somewhat gripping promos for people our generation since they have stayed big names and in the picture, allowing them to adapt with the game so to speak.
  19. Piper on his day is still one of the best in the world as well.