Punk vs Reigns

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  1. I'm... sort of excited for this match. Seems like a decent chance Reigns might go over, no?
  2. My guess is he'll be on the verge of winning. Right before he seals the deal the jealousy from Rollins and Ambrose will come through and they'll put the beatdown on Reigns.
  3. Nah, he'll be DQ'd due to Ambrose/Rollins interference or something.
  4. orrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

    Ambrose tries to help Reigns but botches and costs him the match.
  5. I think either Reigns will get the winning creating tension in the group since he thinks he's clearly the strongest in the group, or Ambrose and/or Rollins will do something to cost him the victory. Either way I think this should be a great match.
  6. I feel like Ambrose will do something to cost Reigns the match. Rollins seems like he's just trying to keep the peace, but Ambrose clearly thinks he's the best. Either way, something's gonna happen
  7. He may break the pin or some stuff like that.
  8. I hope Reigns wins and we see Ambrose develop a hatred for Reigns. Leading to Reigns being a beast in the Royal Rumble just to have Ambrose throw him over the top rope.
  9. It's pretty obvious in my eyes that Reings will go over. Reigns wins, signalling he's the strongest of the group, much to the disdain of Ambrose and Rollins. They tease their dissension even more in following weeks, and at the Rumble, Reigns eliminates both Rollins and Ambrose which would most likely lead to a 3-way at Mania for the US title.
  10. It seemed pretty obvious to me that the WWE universe wanted to see CM Punk vs Roman Reigns. I heard them start chanting Roman Reigns. CM Punk was trying to get the Shield to fight each other. It seems like they are closer and closer to falling apart. I just hope they do it after they have a match against the Wyatts. The Wyatts vs the Shield is something I've wanted to see for a while now.
  11. I could see that, but I think with Ambrose getting shit on last night and Rollins having great matches....but not being able to win....shows me Reigns either gets cheated, or he beats punk's ass and really forces the wedge between him and the oyther two.
  12. I think he'll go over. Of course there's a mixed possibility here, there's a high chance Punk will put him over clean since he has been booked strong as of lately and has looked really good. There's also a chance the Shield might interfere and cost him the match since they have a history of doing so and will bring tension between Roman and Ambrose/Rollins. Either way, looking forward to see how Reigns will do in this match with a veteran like Punk.
  13. Ambrose vs Reigns feud? I'm fangirling.
  14. lolnobro, ambrose vs rollins for that US title.
  15. Still fangirling. Would be the best feud in the E'.
  16. Dean jobs cleanly in 5 minutes
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  17. ......I'd talk shit but you would turn it against me, and close the thread before i'd get to reply. Happy new year brother.
  18. Ambrose destroying him in the promo war would make the job worth it.

    I'm proud to say I'd abuse my position as owner for Ambrose.
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  19. I hope Reigns is stiff as fuck, and puts Punk out of his misery.
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  20. So, what's the deal with Reigns. I don't get it, am I right? No, seriously, I'm watching some YT shit at the moment, and all his positive qualities are in his hair and the spear. Maybe I'm too grumpy. Rollins is way better and spot monkey. Ambrose is real deal, but his finisher sucks. That forehead!