Punk vs Ryback is a go

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    So, how will they make Ryback lose whilst looking strong this time?
  2. Lesnar runs in and attacks Ryback!
  3. We knew that he was okay , he was okay even before tlc , and the rock is going to cost the title to ryback cuz he wants vengeance or even the shield ..
  4. I thought that too until I saw all the loldirtsheets posting "exclusive reports" saying that the injury was still a concern and they didn't know if they would let him compete then or not. And considering the "he was fine before TLC" reports were dirtsheets too, you can't really say either report is any less legitimate.

    I really don't know what to believe anymore.
  5. :true:
  6. I know he was up walking on his own just hours after his surgery, but I highly doubt that means he'd be OK for in-ring competition. So I could see them saying, "Surgery went well. Punk is fine and mobile, but not ready to compete yet." since walking and wrestling are two entirely different things and he'd need more recovery time before risking more damage to his knee. That's his G.T.S. knee, too, so I couldn't see that move going well right after surgery.

    Anyway, point being dirtsheets are just that for a reason. It's always best to take what they "report" with a grain of salt. I do think Punk has been fine, but when he officially became medically cleared to compete is debatable. Either way, I do think WWE would be hesitant to have him compete too soon after surgery and risk further injury, which seems to have been the main issue.

    Glad he's cleared now, but not sure how smart of a move it is to do a TLC match again as his first post-surgery match. Going to be interesting to see what actually happens.
  7. I bet Ryback can curl more with his left arm than CM Punk can bench.
  8. the rock will intervene makign punk lose by dq, and then saying that he has a beef with punk not ryback yadah yadah yadah if you smell...
  9. I'm surprised he hasn't broken his dick off.....or has he? :hmm:
    All I know is every time Ryback does that stupid arm jerk motion thing it makes me think of him jerking off, which is then just a gross/nasty/icky scenario in my head, so then I want them to hurry up and be done so he'll quit doing it. Ugh. I keep hoping he'll eventually stop doing it.
  10. :smug:
  11. I bet Ryback has a strong, muscley dick. While CM Punk has a weak, skinny dick. :woo1:
  12. :facepalm:


    How dare you, sir.
    It's OK though. I just imagine Ryback being gay, between his "cocking my cock" motion and his face-planting in crotches.

    I dunno though.....thinking of Punk's dick kinda' makes me happy. So thanks for bringing that up. :emoji_stuck_out_tongue:P
  13. Crap.... I started off having a decent on-topic post here, then Aids and Dolph's go and fuck it up. As per usual. :tough:
  14. I don't think CM Punk's 4 inches of doom would leave you feeling satisfied.
  15. Ryback wants the D.


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  16. Ryback is just a retard who doesn't know how to wrestle.

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  17. Legit lol'd. Thank you, thank you. Fortunately my office manager is gone for lunch.
  18. So since Punk/Ryback is actually happening it makes me believe that Rock or maybe Lesnar interfere more and more. Although there's always the possibility of a random Kevin Nash interference. :hmm:
  19. Random Nash ftw.

    Really though, since Rock is slated to start appearing more as they buildup to WM, I'm figuring he'll interfere, or start interfering.
  20. The only way I see that happening is a kayfabe botch interference. Rock goes to knock out Punk and hits Ryback causing him to win by DQ.
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