Punk's RAW promo

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  1. Made a video of his promo plus Undertaker coming out and kicking his ass. I didn't think we would see them get into physical contact before Wrestlemania, so it was a nice surprise seeing Undertaker give Punk a beat down. Than of course there was Heyman taking off with the urn for the touchdown.

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  2. I loved the segment, I was great and Punk calling out the Undertaker was something I really enjoyed.

    Great video =)
  3. When punk has a mic...Its kind of music LOL
  4. Great edit. It's somewhat I shame that the only way I can get motivated to watch something by WWE this week is if The Shield is involved or if it's one of your videos. As a side note, is it just me or does this Punk/Taker build seem like complete padding after like the first week?
  5. Love that.
  6. What?
  7. I actually thought the promo was somewhat mediocre until the last stretch. Maybe because the crowd was dead, but it felt like he was rambling on about the same thing for too long. However, this edit is fantastic though; you really are a talented editor dude.
  8. Thanks guys, appreciated.
  9. The promo!
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