Storyline Purple's My Favourite Colour Anyway

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  1. The camera man finds Percy after being checked by the IWT medical staff.

    Percy looks down at his purple and red chest from the chops that James Dragon gave him.

    Oddly, Percy cannot stop laughing.

    Percy: Hahahahahahahahaha. This isn't a bad colour combination. Hahahahahahahahaha. Purple is my favourite colour after all. Hahaha. The red makes it look.............Majestic. I might have this as my new tight design. I can see it now. Red, yellow and purple camouflage. Well, not camouflage but the design itself.

    Percy looks in a mirror to examine his damaged retinas courtesy of James Dragon's eye rake.

    Percy: Oh well, always wondered what laser eye surgery fells like. I guess I should've gone to Specsavers....... Goodness, that weren't funny at all. What's happening to you, Rusty? Get a grip of yersen, man! I used to throw out funny one liners left, right and centre. Must be jet-lag. Yeah, blame it on jet-lag.

    Well, I was correct. I said I would learn summat. And learn summat I did. I learned that getting yer eyes raked hurts. And that Atlanta kinda smells fishy. Like Grimsby. I could go for some fish and chips right now. The first fish and chip shop in the UK opened in 1860. Oddly, about 51 years before that, the first Indian restaurant in the UK opened. You drive on the left side in India. Winston Churchill was left handed. Churchill died in 1965. Vinnie Jones was born in 1965.

    One of the medical staff looks over.

    Doctor: Do you ever shut up?

    Percy looks over to the infuriated doctor.

    Percy: You tell me. You're the doctor after all. You know I got a C in chemistry?

    The doctor screams in rage as the cameraman makes a quick exit.

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