Push 1, De-push 1, Fire 1

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  1. It's been a while since I've seen this type of thread pertaining to TNA.

    If you could push one wrestler to a higher position on the card, move one wrestler to a lower position on the card and fire one from the company completely, which guys would you choose?

    Push: Joey Ryan. He jobbed to Park which wasn't overly concerning, but I would make this guy a sleezy face, put him in the X Division for the time being. Build him up as a threat and put him into a feud with Kenny King and see if it is time for him to carry that championship. The crowd is begging to love the guy, why fight it.

    De-push: Jeff Hardy. He can be an upper midcard/main event gate keeper, but I don't want to see him as the top face at all.

    Fire: I could go for the cheap pop and say Chavo or RVD, but I'll go with Eric Young. He used to be funny and I like what he can potentially be, but TNA has conditioned me to expect the most cringeworthy scenario possible when I see EY on my screen at this point. Just wash your hands of him and spare us, TNA.

    Oh, and no non-wrestlers. Most of you would just fire Hogan or Taz, so let's try to be a little more outside the box.
  2. Push: Kazarian as a singles competitor. He's improved significantly since taking the spotlight alongside Daniels, he's more than ready to main even in singles competition. (I wanted to list Garett Bischoff and Gunner here too, but you asked for one)

    De-push, pull, whatever: RVD. This may have already happened a little, but I want to see him only when he's going to lose to younger talent.

    Fire: Jessie Godderz. How long has this guy been here now? He's done nothing at all, has no history, nothing. It would be no loss.
  3. Push: Christopher Daniels, and by that I mean to the moon. Give this man a two to five month World Heavyweight Championship reign. He's been so entertaining in the ring and in promos. Going to mention his Lockdown promo was terrific.

    De-Push: Chavo, until he learns to get over without mentioning Eddie.

    Fire: RVD, but it looks like he's already on his way out.
  4. I'll try be a little different from the ones already done:

    Push - Jay Bradley. Guy could be a great midcarder-upper midcarder IMO. His match on gutcheck was really enjoyable, he's a pretty stiff striker, he got pretty big heat considering he didn't even cut a promo or anything, he's got an intimidating look and was decent enough on the stick. Definitely worth a shot.

    De-Push - Well my immediate thought was Hulk Hogan. Don't get me wrong, from a company perspective it obviously makes a tonne of sense to have him for promotional purposes, but that doesn't mean I want to see him being the top face of the fucking company. He needs to just stick to being GM and putting over guys like he did Morgan in their mini-fued thing. Oh, and cut down the segments with him involved, I don't want to see 6-7 of them every week. But yeah, since it's only active wrestlers then I'd have to go with Jeff Hardy as well, unless they're gonna have him doing batshit crazy spots then there's no point in him being a main-eventer.

    Fire - Wes Briscoe. Seriously fuck this guy. I've even found Garrett more entertaining than him in A+8s. One of the worst mic workers I've ever heard, awful facial expressions, terrible look and his ring work is the definition of 'meh'.
  5. Push: Why in the hell did they throw Crimson off TV? He was finally starting to feel comfortable and belong, then... Boom, gone. Yeah, get him back.
    (Obviously would go with Bad Influence but they were already said)

    Depush: Sting. Hate seeing ex-WCW guys getting seemingly random main event pushes. Sting still has a place but he should definitely just be used to help out other talents instead of what he's doing now.

    Fire: You mean other than Hogan? Does "fire Gunner so he can go to WWE" count? If not, just get rid of the Aces and Eights' dead weight. Gallows. Knox. Garett. Wes. Roll a die and pick one, you can't go wrong.
  6. Push - JAY BRADLEY

    Depush - KENNY KING

    Fire - CHAVO JR.

    I have my reasons dudes. :pity2: