Putting an end to the Cure

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  1. So I've been sitting in the back listening to all these children who call themselves the Cure taking up all the TV time.

    First I ask myself, Who the hell are these losers? I don't come up with an answer cause frankly, the triple threat doesn't really care. Then I realize that I should be the one featured all the time since I built this company with my bare hands and hold so many records.

    Then I run into someone in the back who feels the same way as I do. This person can go with the best of them and is another IWT original. We even came up with a nifty little name for our newly formed alliance: The Incurable Virus, we were going to call ourselves Cancer R' Us, but thought it was a bit too crude, even for our standards.

    So without further ado, lets all stand and cheer for my partner.............
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  2. Aids walks out to a huge crowd of mixed boo's and cheers, as he smiles and motions to soak in all the hate. The crowd chant's *you dont got it" while he walks down to the arena.

    Ladies and Gentlemen, miracles do happen. I am back in IWT, and while you may hate me - you love - senhor perfect. *Crowd cheers "we love perfect"*

    I'd spend 10 lines spouting the same old shit, but let's get this party started. Cure, come out here and get your asses kicked. *crowd pop*
  3. *Senhor walks up and gives Aids a huge hug, much to the chagrin of the crowd as they both grin ear to ear and bask in the reaction*
  4. ooc: [​IMG]

    haha Also our name is "The Perfect Disease"
  5. Wow, looks like they're as prompt as they are entertaining eh?

    *Senhor and Aids start to play rock/paper/scissors to pass the time*
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  6. *Alias observes the whole issue that is presented to him from the backstage area with a perplexed face, but soon smirks evilly and proceeds to stroll to the Gorilla position, expectant for The Cure's music to hit and to be received with a sea of boos emanating from the crowd*
    *The Cure's theme song hits and is indeed met with a chorus of loud, stentorian and pesky boos bursting from the vocal crowd, all in the process of Alias walking down to the ring, who is all business tonight, as always. You can notice the peoples surprise at the sight of only viewing Alias solely, without his cronies. Alias' walk to the ring is slow-paced, calculated, and as evil-looking as you can envisage. He decides to not enter the ring yet and walks to the outside the ring and completes a few laps around the squared-circle in unhurried fashion whilst he contemplates the two unfamiliar faces inside the ring, who have ostensibly called The Cure out. He belatedly enters the ring with a mic in hand and takes his time to deliver a word as his eyes are firmly and mercilessly set on the two gutsy men set a few meters away from him. After a few seconds of waiting; Alias finally commences to stutter a few words out of his mouth in his typical slow manner all whilst the crowd chant negligible and unimportant chants to Alias*​
    Alias: People's ignorance really pisses me off. Stupidity is when you can't help it -ignorance is when you choose not to understand something. And you two works of God are the prime example of stupid and ignorant people who do not comprehend or perceive, may I add, The Cure's purpose and peril right here in IWT.​
    * Crowd continue to jeer and disrespect Alias *​
    I get it.....I get it....people around here are not sharp enough, which is why Jwab, a man of principles, assembled an elite group of men capable of destroying one's mind physically such as mentally and all the damn -allys you want. Conceptualize our intentions how you want, but believe it or not, The Cure is actually here to aid all you simpletons chanting all these unimaginative poor excuses of chants at me - possibly the most wicked man on this disgusting planet earth. It is our errand, our duty, our chore; to Cure all of you into a state of mind that only The Cure deem acceptable to incorporate into our strict regime of great intelligence.​
    * Alias pauses for a brief moment an then turns his attention to the two men in the ring in a peculiar-looking way; pointing at them and then resumes speaking *​
    You two....you two. I don't know who you guys are, but you are the portrait I paint of misguided, idiotic human beings, so misguided to the point that you make this company looks worse than it already is. You called us out, you really called us out. Hell, you guys are so misguided you don't even know what just have gotten into. You've just gotten into The Cure's battlefield, where no one dares to enter. You've just entered hell.​
    * Alias stares into them with his infamous evil look, awaiting a response *​
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  7. OOC - I would have marked out for Cancer R' Us. Eddy seems to have you guys covered ;)
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  8. *Watches backstage* ....fags
  9. Please do end them.
  10. lol, it'll take much more than this Adam, keep dreaming.