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  1. Joesph walks out on the stage with about 50 other people with robes and hoods covering their faces. The spotlight is on Joesph as he walks down with a torch before giving the torch to a follower and entering the ring.

    Joseph: This is the evolution of pro wrestling? This is the PRO...WRESTLING...EVOLUTION? Well i don't believe in evolution...i believe in proving one's wrong and going on to get better. That's MY definition of evolution. PWE...Might as well be called FPWE...False Pro Wrestling Evolution. Because this evolution doesn't exist when you're too goddamn good.

    Joesph looks around the ring before settling in the corner

    Joesph: Mankind doesn't have an Evolution...We've been around for hundreds of thousands of years but yet we do EXACTLY what we say is wrong...Is that EVOLUTION? Is it evolution when we say the evil is bad and the kind is good...Nah, that's not it because i remember a 13 year old Jospeh Rockwood being abandoned by the people he depended on. The man his community went to for cleansing of their sins...Those people are still evil. They are the Carbon Dioxide that makes the ice melt, the water rise, the storms to grow super and yet people say they're...good. Is that Evolution? NO! Nothing is evolution because as long as we have mankind on earth they're isn't gonna be evolution. My followers and I will show the world and PW..E that what they think life's supposed to be isn't exactly that...It's much more. Welcome Genesis....To the mind.

    Joesph drops the mic before leaving with the followers
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    *All of a sudden, Frie Carter is seen strutting down the ramp to no music. He jumps in the ring.*

    Did I hear you say that you were too damn good? Let me remind you whose the man that's had more women than you've had meals. Let me remind you of who's gonna send your ass back wherever the hell you came from. I am Frie Carter. THE GEM OF WEALTH! And if you don't like it, then...... well, frankly............

    *Frie instantly begins to hit Joseph with knife-edge chops in the corner. 1 chop. 2 chops. 3 chops to the open chest. On the 50th, he stops and notices the blood coming from Joseph's chest. He begins to laugh. Frie Carter walks out stylin' and profilin'.*
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    Joseph: Was that a man that chopped my chest? Or a frail women to weak to stay and fight?