Other PWI 500 [2015]

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  1. Here's the Top 100!
    The rest can be seen here.

    1 Seth Rollins
    2 John Cena
    3 A.J. Styles
    4 Roman Reigns
    5 Shinsuke Namakura
    6 Randy Orton
    7 Jay Briscoe
    8 Alexander Rusev
    9 Alberto El Patrón
    10 Kevin Owens
    11 Hiroshi Tanahashi
    12 Dolph Ziggler
    13 Dean Ambrose
    14 Daniel Bryan
    15 Adrian Neville
    16 Prince Puma (Ricochet)
    17 Jay Lethal
    18 Bobby Lashley
    19 Minoru Suzuki
    20 King Barrett
    21 Bray Wyatt
    22 Bobby Roode
    23 Sami Zayn
    24 Luke Harper
    25 Kurt Angle
    26 Mil Muertes
    27 Kazuchika Okada
    28 Finn Bálor
    29 Ryback
    30 Ethan Carter III
    31 Go Shiozaki
    32 Johnny Mundo
    33 Darren Young
    34 Yujiro Kushida
    35 Kyle O'Reilly
    36 The Big Show
    37 Drew Galloway
    38 Hideo Itami
    39 Adam Cole
    40 Kota Ibushi
    41 Antonio Cesaro
    42 Sheamus O'Shaunessy
    43 Michael Elgin
    44 Big E Langston
    45 Bobby Fish
    46 Samoa Joe
    47 Jeff Hardy
    48 Naomichi Marufuji
    49 Jimmy Uso
    50 Austin Aries
    51 Kane
    52 Kofi Kingston
    53 Tyson Kidd
    54 Kenny Omega
    55 Davey Richards
    56 James Storm
    57 Maximo
    58 A.C.H.
    59 BxB Hulk
    60 Mike Mizanin
    61 Tyler Breeze
    62 Roderick Strong
    63 King Cuerno
    64 Christopher Daniels
    65 Stardust
    66 Matt Jackson
    67 Nick Jackson
    68 Hiroyoshi Tenzan
    69 Frankie Kazarian
    70 Mark Briscoe
    71 Brutus Magnus
    72 Jey Uso
    73 Doc Gallows
    74 Matt Hardy
    75 Eddie Edwards
    76 Hirooki Goto
    77 Xavier Woods
    78 Brian Cage
    79 Karl Anderson
    80 Tetsuya Naito
    81 Davey Boy Smith Jr.
    82 Michael Bennett
    83 Rob Conway
    84 Chris Jericho
    85 Cedric Alexander
    86 Baron Corbin
    87 El Texano Jr.
    88 Akebono
    89 Goldust
    90 Bad Luck Fale
    91 Montel Vontavious Porter
    92 Lance Archer
    93 Damien Sandow
    94 "R-Truth" Ron Killings
    95 Pentagon Jr.
    96 Matt Taven
    97 Low-Ki
    98 Satoshi Kojima
    99 A.R. Fox
    100 Sin Cara
  2. Names picked out of hat.
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  3. "We did it for the LOLZ." - PWI

    Seriously, I don't think I could ever give a toss about PWI's yearly lists. I usually check 'em to LOL at them.
    Not like I'll lose sleep over this, but someone like ace Tanahashi should've been placed higher and at least made it in the Top 10. Roddy and Okada, too.
    Also, LOL at Brock not being on the list, as well as Pentagon being ranked lower than Truth.

    But, hey, nevermind. As Bort said, names were being picked out of hat.
  4. How did Drew Galloway not have the greatest year in pro-wrestling, and he's beat by Big Show?
  5. Because :troll:
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  6. Oh yeah, Big Show won that one thing at that one show last March. That's why.
  7. 13 should be 1 and 12 should be -100, that is all.
  8. Seriously though, Angle in the top 30? And Kane is top 50? Then guys like Itami and Zayn being injured for the better part of the year being so high up. Hilarious
  9. You shouldn't give a fuck about them. They are pure kayfabe.

    Fans are getting too worked up over a kayfabe list
  10. Owens should have been number 1,2 and 3.
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  11. He had that clunker against Joe, but other than that his matches have been more consistently great than anyone else I can remember

    I don't see how this list is kayfabe, even. King Barrett at 20? Randy Orton at 6?
  12. It is also very biased against the WWE. But apparently not against Zack Ryder since there is like 200+ spots between him and the rest of the WWE guys on this list.
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  13. I still read PWI, mostly for nostalgia purposes since I grew up reading it, but yeah, I have actually never cared for their 500 list even when they first started doing it. My favorite was in 1997 when they listed Dean Malenko as number 1 because they felt that there wasn't a dominant wrestler for the year so they just voted on who they thought was the best technical wrestler. Now if it had been who had been in the best matches, or who had the best promos or any combination of the things we judge wrestlers on in a non kayfabe standard, that would be different. But nope, it was simply who they thought was the best "technical" wrestler, which meant that they automatically excluded any brawlers despite their talent.

    Back in the day, they would never have listed Rollins as 1. They tended to lower champions who have been cowardly and such. For example, in 1997, even though Hulk Hogan had held the WCW World Championship for an entire year (with the exception of Luger taking it for a week), Hogan was ranked 55 on the list.

    As much as it PAINS me to say it, I would have ranked Cena higher than Rollins just due to the phenonemal matches he has put on since winning the US Title. Would I have ranked him as 1? Probably not, but I wouldn't have ranked Rollins as 2. Kevin Owens and AJ Styles would probably be 1 and 2, followed by Cena at three and then I don't know.

    But of course it doesn't matter. Even I don't tend to remember these lists (I had to look up the year with Malenko and Hogan) and I love reading PWI. I guess the 500 list must still sell pretty good because I can't imagine otherwise why it even exists anymore.
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  14. Phenomenal matches Cena put on? Yeah they have a lot of false finishes but that doesn't mean it's a great match. The perception of a great match in the WWE has been lowered to how many times a guy kicks out.
  15. Roderick Strong gets my vote for Wrestler of the Year. He's been having such an amazing in-ring year so far.
    AJ Styles might be a close second.
  16. Or maybe because they're well paced, tell a story and flow well? No it must be the false finishes.
  17. Wasn't the original purpose of the list was to rank all the guys in different promotions against one another, like a WWE vs WCW thing?
    In "kayfabe" it does make sense to have the top guys in the biggest promotion be ahead of others.

    For the kickouts alone, I'd blame more the overuse of finishers to end matches
  18. Yeah, I think HBK vs. Undertaker at WrestleMania 25, popularized that as a way to characterize an 'awesome' match feel. No one can replicate anything. There were plenty of in-ring masterpieces in where a guy wouldn't even kick out of a super kick.
    I never felt any of that during Cena's US Open Challenge deal. Yeah, it was exciting to see who was gonna be next, and it did do a lot for the US Championship, but none of them really stood out as a phenomenal match.
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    Kicking out of finishers has nothing to do with why I liked his matches. I pretty much assume nowadays that this is par for the course in title matches.

    Also the kicking out of finishers trend actually began in the Attitude Era in the Rock vs Steve Austin matches. It was rather common in the AE l, died down for a bit and came back.

    What I've liked about Cena's matches since winning the open challenge has been the pacing of the matches and quality of the opponents. I couldn't care less about kicking out of finishers.

    Now the reason a lot of this works is also comparison. The majority of matches on Raw have been slow and unentertaining completely routine matches. Cena's haven't been for the most part.

    I'm not someone who is going to give John Cena underserved praise and I'm never happy having to compliment the guy. But ever since he's been out of the world title picture, his matches have been better. He doesn't spend the entire match on the defensive, he hasn't been completely burying his opponents to the degree he has throughout his career and his matches haven't been slow dragging crap like the majority WWE has been putting out. I'm also the first to credit his opponents over him, but I grudgingly have to give him credit too.

    So no, kicking out of finishers has absolutely nothing to do with my opinion of his matches. I'm a wrestling traditionalist, as I'm sure everyone is aware. A finisher is a finisher and I do not under any certain terms support degrading the effectiveness of finishers in the way proposed.
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  20. It's fine that you didn't feel that. We obviously did though.
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