OOC Q&A [IWT Staff Edition]

Discussion in 'IWT Archives' started by CM Punk, Apr 15, 2014.

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  2. Well i guess i'll kick this off...

    Is the KOTR idea happening?
  3. We haven't discussed it yet.
  4. Well, since there isn't much traffic i would like to ask this to Jonathan

    Are you going to discuss KOTR? If so when do you think it will take place (Date of the KOTR)
  5. I already thought of KOTR about a few months ago. We haven't decided when we will implement or announce it.
  6. But i posted it in Feb :((

    If you guys do think it's a good idea can you PM me before you announce it? I just want to know before hand.
  7. No.
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  8. Why not?
  9. Because it's going to be a thread? There's no need for a PM.
  10. Well if i pushed the idea i would think i would the firxt notification. Oh well i just wanted to know anyways.

    So i'm done with this for today, thanks Punk and Jono for the answers and with that...i bid you farewell :burns:
  11. I've pushed hundreds of ideas for the site, many implemented, I didn't get a pm before they were...
  12. any new match types planned? (any creative member)
  13. We do have 1 currently in the offing, it should be introduced for around Money in the Bank.
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  14. Awesome! Thanks for answering.

    This next one is coming from someone who has never been in an eFed before (and had no clue how anything worked before Aids Helped me out, thanks @Aids Johnson ) would you guys be able to develop a step by step tutorial thing for a newcomer to not just IWT but the entire eFed scene? or is it just more work than benefit (I'll happily develop it if allowed btw). And the most important question, has there been such a post/tutorial before?
  15. No problem.

    Uh I don't believe there is such a post, I can provide a brief overview if you'd like:

    1) Sign the contract/post on the active roster list
    2) Make a thread here announcing your character (can be in character out of character)
    3) Hope someone replies and wants to start a feud with you
    4) If they don't, maybe PM some people in the X-Division roster located here: http://forums.watchwrestling.ch/threads/what-division-do-you-want-to-be-in.35442/ and see if any of them would like to work a program with you. If still no one answers, PM one of the IWT staff (Me, CM Punk, Stopspot, CrayJ Lee, Dat Kid, Gav the Chav, Trip in the Head, TheArabHammer, 12345 (normally called Farooq or Big Boss) and they will help you find a guy to work with.
  16. Oh I know now, Aids helped with that, the thing was I had no idea I even signed up for a division, I thought you waited for the 'you're in' message and then sign up. The tutorial would basically be just that para, and then make a very detailed thing including cutting promos, setting up storylines and so on. Once I get a bit more experience I'll draft up a version I'll send it over and you guys can let me know what you think. I know most people wont need it but it may be useful to convey to the entrant a lot of basic stuff like what the creative does and so on so that there is no issues later on.
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  17. Ah okay, I sorta wish @Aids Johnson would do it in public in a thread, that way it helps everyone and you don't have to repeat yourself 300 times :dawg:

    Nah, no waiting around. Once you've posted you're in! :obama:

    Sure thing, let me know when you have it.
  18. I have no problem helping anyone get their feet wet here, and with him it was a secondary part of a pm conversation.
  19. Yeah I saw him post and you said PM me, its easier for everyone if you do it in public.