Q & A with El Nino de Mexico

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  1. Posts any and all questions you have for El Nino de Mexico here and it will be answered in his next promo. El Nino will answer ANY question you have, no question will be ignored.

    Have fun. :otunga:
  2. What do you have in your tacos? :hmm:
  3. I have a few -

    You seem to have a little banter going on with Brain Messias, what do you think of him?

    Which Fight Night Wrestling Star is your favorite and least favorite excluding yourself

    What are your thoughts of FNW thus far?
  4. Two questions.

    1: Which Taco/Mexican food chain is your favorite?

    2: Which finisher do you fear the most?
  5. Would be better in the press conference.

    ^ Off-Topic.
  6. Press conference will be different because other wrestlers will be there. The interactions from that will be way different from this promo
  7. So this is fan interaction?
    I'm not a fan. :dawg:
  8. I know you're not a fan.. but you're a FANgina! :otunga: :dawg:
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  9. Nice insult Regal, just as good as your wrestling.
  10. If you weren't a fan you wouldn't have come here. I'm sorry to let you down but El Nino isn't making any autograph appearances today.
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  11. Back on Topic, here is another question

    what would you rank the following stars in order of greatness?

    Mad Dogg, Zach Schmidt, Lucas "The Smasher" Hacksaw, Brian Messias, Brent Nixon
  12. :upset: :why:
  13. What does Nino mean? :hmm:
  14. I can answer that Panda. Niño means child in Spanish. Can also be interpreted as "little boy"
  15. How much do you fear the greatness that is, Aids Johnson. No question mark, but feel free to reply.
  16. Kelly Kelly, Natayla , Eve

    Marry one, Bang one, One night stand GO!
  17. Marry eve, bang natty, and one night stand Kellykelly like so many others probably have. Just my opinion.
  18. El Nino needs to answer some questions already.
  19. Wednesday or Thursday the promo comes out.