quality acoustic versions of popular/your favorite songs.

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  1. I've just been rocking acoustic random music lately, I overdid it on hiphop/rap for a while, and tend to do things like this. Do me and everyone here a favor, share good music, unknown or popular. The video above is amazing, in my opinion one of the best retakes on an already amazing song. Below is a girl i would do so many awesome things with. Sexually.

    Your turn, WWEF members.

  2. Heard that, thought it was pretty good.
  3. hey thanks for getting that group shit together bud. Good song.

    Not a huge fan of this song, but he does a damn good job jamming here.
  4. The lyrics just poke my heart
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  5. OH SHIT CHECK IT OUT! Mother fucking HALL, and That sly son of a bitch Oates.

    Cover but dope.
  6. Pretty much anything Chelsea Wolfe

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  7. I win this thread.
  8. oh man, i cant disagree. I do love the homeless mustard jam though.
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