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  1. *The lights turn a dark shade of red and S.I.N's music plays throughout the IZOD Center*

    *Spinzz and Andrew are shown at the top of the ramp this time; they're in their ring gear with some S.I.N merch. They advance to the ring and enter one by one*
    Andrew: I know it's a bit early to be out here for our match, but we felt the need to speak beforehand.

    *Andrew pauses and waits for the crowd to simmer down*

    Andrew: When it comes to the Order they're a pretty big group, aren't they? While they consist of quite a few competitors what are their achievements? Sure they have the current tag champions and a former X-Division champion but that's it. And out of what, eight to ten members? I mean their most successful member doesn't even acknowledge them, he doesn't come out to their theme and he's never shown with them. Hell, he's even addressed them as "second rate members". You see, it's all about the quality, not quantity.

    *Andrew looks over to Spinzz*

    Andrew: Spinzz here is an IWT original, he helped build this place from the ground up with names like Eric Draven. He also managed to obtain a couple of titles along the way. *Andrew points to himself* And not to brag, when I first debuted I defeated the X-Division champion at the time whom was on a undefeated streak. I then went on to win the world title a couple weeks later. Let's not talk about my reign though. ~A few fans laugh at the last comment~ *Andrew looks down at the ring* And Frie? Well he's currently dominating in a match and then he's going on to win the X-Division title.

    Andrew: I usually don't feel the need to focus on our past and future accomplishments as it sounds a tad cocky, but I thought I need to prove a point about the Order. It doesn't matter how many members you have and recruit, it's all about making opportunities and that is what S.I.N is best at. Just like we've made all of our past opportunities we were able to make another one to face you guys as well as The Chavs.

    Andrew: Don't think we've forgot about you Chavs, we know not to underestimate you after your showing at 'Mania. Be smart and do the same, because if you don't you'll be giving in. And it won't be to the Order, it'll be to S.I.N.

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  2. OOC- Came here expecting a rant on long ass promos...disappointed
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