question about the qatar live tour advert on smackdown?

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  1. on the ad it advertised punk as the champiom does this mean hes retaining or is it just #wwelogic
  2. No, they advertise the card based on current storylines. If he drops the title, they'll either change the card or just make it a non-title match. They always promote house shows like that, it's just that this time it was on TV.
  3. Card is subject to change and it's going from current positions in WWE.
  4. Some interesting info ive seen while watching Smackdown

    Im watching Smackdown from a stream and some tour dates WWE are doing in Doha, Qatar were shown and it was said CM Punk would be defending his WWE title against Ryback but these dates are at the end of February! so WWE have spoiled the Royal Rumble by having this shown OMG I hope this isnt true I want the Rock to win the title at Royal Rumble. I know that saying card is subject to change but still its kinda dumb to show this when Royal Rumble is right around the corner
  5. RE: Some interesting info ive seen while watching Smackdown

    Already posted
  6. Well obviously WWE plan ahead so there just showing that for now but I think Rock is defintely taking the title so CM Punk will just be having a one on one match against Ryback
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