? Question the Question ?

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Just Kevin, Jul 7, 2014.

  1. Let's see how clever everyone is..

    In this game the person before you asks a question and you answer that question with another question.. and so on and so forth...

    How is everyone today?
    Do you actually care how everyone is?
    Why would I not care?
    Because you're an asshole, aren't you?

    Have fun with it and be creative...

    So.... Question #1..

    How has your day been today?
  2. Do you actually care how my day is?
  3. Do I really want to know?
  4. Why would you not want to know?
  5. Where are the drugs?
  6. Would you do the drugs if they were here?
  7. Why do you care?
  8. Wouldn't you like to share?
  9. No, now where are they?
  10. How the fuck am I supposed to know?
  11. Do you think I has the drugs?
  12. Didn't @GOAT Johnson introduce the idea of the drugs existing?
  13. Is that you or the cops asking?
  14. If it was the cops would you answer honestly?
  15. Would you pay me handsomely for the truth?
  16. What makes you think I have any money?
  17. Why wouldn't you have any money?
  18. Does money grow on trees?
  19. Would that even make sense?
  20. That all depends on your point of view, don't you think?