Question: Would you guys be interested in having "indy nights"?

Discussion in 'International Wrestling' started by Stopspot, Mar 7, 2013.

  1. seabs and I talked about this last night. But how about sometime after Wrestlemania is over. We set up an indy night or 2? Were we get together and watch a couple of indy matches or an indy event and have a discussion thread. We are a couple of people with an indy interest and this could help get others interested.

    What do you think?
  2. If I'm free, I'm in.
  3. Sounds a bit camp called indy night, if it's renamed WRAZZLEFRAZZLEBALOOZA I'm in doe.
  4. What about if I call them indy wrestling watching nights.....WITH LASERS!!!!! ?
  5. Live at the indy's
    A night with the indy's
    Indy-ana Jones and the live discussion
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  6. ^ :lol1:

    As long as I'm available, I'm in! Love the idea.
  7. Sounds good count me in,
  8. So what would people like to watch? The faster we can choose what to watch we can get started on planning and setting it up for sometime after mania. I have the Joe vs Punk series available as well as the best of Bryan Danielson DVD, a couple of Evolve and DGUSA shows fill out my collection as well. What do you guys want to see?
  9. Some Nigel Mcguinness would be awesome as well. Any early PWG stuff from around the time would be good.
  10. Didn't ROH just release a two disc McGuinness special?
    I got myself a small fix of McGuinness nes on NXT this week. KRuger (one of my favs on the show) has adopted the London Dungeon as his finisher :otunga:
  11. Yeah i think there is a couple of Nigel dvds one came out last year i think.

    Have to watch NXT more there roster is pretty good.
  12. Seems like Generico is trying different gimmicks out on the house show scene before going on TV. At the previous house show he showed up in Generico gear and at the one this week he worked without a mask. So we might see him in some shape soon :otunga:
  13. It be nice if he keeps his gimmick but its wwe they like to change things about a wrestlers gimmick/look.

    What has happened to the that crusierweight show they were planning?Has that been scrapped?
  14. Considering he wrestled in Alberto Del Rio's old gear (He had the exact same designs on the trunks) I think it was temporary. They tend to play around with gimmicks more in developmental (Kruger went from a rich snobby brat to an insane big game hunter for example).

    I think all shows are put on hold until the network is up, and that actually seems to be moving along now.