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  1. More for Stop than anything else but ive got to ask, what's with this punishment if I don't rate? I understand trying to gain activity but isn't this forcing people to do something not rewarding those who do? Didn't post this in the section as I didn't want to clutter it but you're welcome to move it of you wish.
  2. I agree somewhat Seabs. I'd rather reward posters that do rate and post and just use the other wrestlers as stock to fill out roster instead of punishing characters for people that don't rate. I agree that it can feel like it is forcing people.

    If you want to debate this with Sheldor I'd suggest taking it up with the FNW community at large. That way we can get a wider scope on it.
  3. Should move this Stopspot and let the community chip in.
  4. Could you move this over to the creative section please? (I think I can get in there still) or what he said
  5. My suggestion @[Seabs] is remake this thread in the general FNW section and offer the question to the FNW community as a whole. Post up a reasoning for why you feel that punishing inactivity is bad and then present the suggestion of instead rewarding activity. And then get the community to discuss it. Instead of keeping it to just creative
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    Can't this one be moved? I'm too lazy to make another and this basically presents my feedback.
  7. Yeah just move this one stop lol.
  8. Moving this to FNW section then so we can get the discussion going. Everyone please read Seabs OP.
  9. I like reviewing and all that, but it seems like doing homework to an extent (what move was used, etc) and that by default curbs my interest in what i have enjoyed at the moment. I do understand the reasoning behind it though, and really wish everyone would contribute more, including (obviously) myself. Ill try to be as active as i can without going overboard and feuding with everyone.
  10. I'll admit I have no problem reviewing but it's the whole if you don't rate you get punished could imo deter people signing up, if it's a case of if you rate you're in with a bigger opportunity of getting a push that's great but remove this punishment this g if you don't, it's meant to be fun not the kind of homework mentality (great analogy btw) that seems to be present. Plus all these regulations that need adhering to such as when naming the top face and heel you need to meet certain criteria or your answer isn't seen as good enough.
  11. I can answer for the Pick top heel and face thing @[Seabs] Out of the three rules in that thread I am very lax with the third one. When I say elaborate there it could be something as simple as "he has kick ass attire". You do not get punished for not following those rules from top to bottom. The only one I am really looking for you to follow in that thread is the do not pick your own character one since I'd like to see what other characters you like apart from your own.

    Hope that clarifies :otunga:
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    That's fair enough about not picking your own but it could be a bit intimidating to newer members if you understand what I mean, as I said I've understood why but would it be better to let people post whatever they want then ask for elaboration after they've posted, seems a bit less forced imo
  13. Noted. Removing the elaboration rule

    Also rephrased the other rules to make them feel more welcoming
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    @[Sheldor] Any views? Also anyone else have a view?
  15. The whole rating thing is to show that people are reading the shows and not skim reading them, which we found people were doing. I don't know if this applies to Stop but I personally don't like taking the time to write matches that then get skimmed or not even read. If people don't read the shows then I don't see why we should use their character. That is why ratings are there, the questions are there so we can see you read the whole show and not just your own match or just skim read the show as there is no point in myself or stop writing shows if you just skim read it.

    I do not mean it to be homework so perhaps we can write it differently, but you need to understand it from our point. If we write a match we would like it to be read. Not immediately, sometime during the week if you have a character in it. If you are unable to (i.e example christmas) we would like to say I cannot read this weeks show due to.... but I will do on this week. I like how everyone is active in the preview cards. Ratings are to develop feedback by members, see what they are enjoying, who they like, who they dislike, but also to see they have read the show.

    The thing also with preview cards is if someone's character is not on the card, they do not post. This leads me to believe they only read their own shows. I can name one or two members who do post despite not being on the card. .Exe is one who comes to mind.

    It was the same before FNW, we had characters of people who did not read shows. In FNW we want to push people who are active and read and don't want to use characters of inactive characters or those who don't read or skim, that is why the ratings are the way they are @[Seabs]. I am open to hearing any other ideas you or anyone has on people who read and don't read.

    If I explain what happens really.

    If we see you haven't rated but you have been active that week or the week before we won't penalize you and if you do rate it is a + in our book
    If we see you haven't been active and haven't rated (and you were on the show & you didn't inform us of why) then we most likely won't book you the following week, this then tells us if they want to get back on the show, by posting despite not being on the card
    If we see you haven't rated for two weeks but have been active the past two weeks - we most likely will give you a match but put someone else over on you
    If we see you haven't rated for two weeks and show no signs of activity - then we will most likely make you lose a match
    If we see 1 month were you haven't rated or been active - Then that tells me you have given up on FNW so we will either have you fired and you will have to make a new character if you wish to join or push you to development to use as a jobber when we need to put someone over.

    From our point of view - we don't want to write if you don't read, I don't think it is fair on myself or Stopspot. If your active that is fine, but you can be active and skim read as we have seen one member do & since then has not been active. We need something to tell us you have read the entire show otherwise there is no point in myself or Stopspot writing
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    Right so you're punishing people for not rating rather than praising those who do, remove the punishments and just let people rate if they wish and carry on pushing those who are active but it's seems to me you're saying you have to rate or you're not involved which would really put me off as a new member. These kind of things are never going to develop a large reader base as they don't seem to and requiring constant reviews every week again could cause serious issues with getting more interest, you're limiting your potential audience further with it for me. Plus these things shouldn't really be written to be read but more for the enjoyment of it imo, that's why I did it and you'll never get a large amount of people reading as their just isn't the audience.

    Encourage people to rate but don't punish if they don't. Pushes for rating is good but not if you're forcing people to do it.
  17. I agree on that and we won't punish people for not doing it weekly but we would like one at least once a month. Myself and Stop are both busy with uni so the time we dedicate to writing we would like it to be worth spending rather than writing a match and only 20% of our fan base reading it fully.

    What I don't want to do is push those who don't read and at the moment that is the only way I see to verify who does read the entire show and who doesn't. I don't want to be harsh but I don't want to use characters if they don't read the shows is what I am saying. The rating is to see who reads the shows. That is why. I will agree we won't penalize people if they don't do it weekly, but we want a way to determine who reads and who doesn't read. That is what I am asking to find a way to see who does and who doesn't
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    I agree on that logic, as I said I love the idea of encouraging ratings and pushing those who do (kinda like real life politics lol) just don't like the consequences part. Tell people it will increase their chances but it isn't the only factor in getting pushed may help also.