Storyline Quickie

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  1. *At IWT Vice, the cameras pick up on Alias Antonio backstage before his upcoming match with Luis Ovaldinho. He is accompanied by Kid and Sage. The cameras interrupt their conversation. Alias swiftly turns around.*
    Yeah, yeah, yeah, blah blah blah. You wanna know what are my thoughts on "Luis Ovaldinho's very strong words towards Alias Antonio and the IW3!". Listen, I heard all of that interview. And no, nothing has changed. I still dislike Luis and think he's done nothing to prove himself in this company. I still think he's only picked up the worst traits from his trainer. But I will still walk out there on my own. And I will still fight for the IW3 and most importantly for myself, and I will still do what I've set out to do since Summerslam. Beat Ovaldinho in a quickie, prove he's a fraud and take back what's mine for good, no more playing hot potato with my hot property. Like me or hate me, I'm still the man.

    Absolutely nothing has changed.

    Now I've got a match to prepare for.
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