Quoting posts made on cellphones bug

Discussion in 'Suggestions & Questions' started by Stopspot, Sep 27, 2012.

  1. This has happened to me a couple of times and recently happened to Dolph's over here

    It seems like when you quote a post made from a cellphone or tablet you only get the quoted part, not the parts you yourself wrote. Anyone else getting this problem? Dolph's tried quoting the same post both from his phone and his laptop and got the same results. The original post he wanted to quote was made from a mobile device.
  3. Same. Just remove the message which states it has been sent by a phone in the quote and it works. For example:


    Sent from Nokia (would then create the phone icon when you quote it, remove this message from the quote)
  4. It's tapatalk, you need to ask tapatalk users to remove the sig that gets posted like Samalan said. Once that's removed it's fine.

  6. Noob. I can't force users not to have tapatalk sigs. Stupid tapatalk, no idea why people use it.
  7. Just disable tapatalk on this forum. Who needs it
  8. Tapatalk users.
  9. :youdontsay:
  11. Just browsing on the phone..

    No problems at all with this one, sorry.
  12. I'm all for disabling Tapatalk too. You already have fully functional mobile browsing here.
  13. Browsing the forum normally works fantastic. You just need to switch to the full version below the page.
    When that is done, it's the same as the normal forum. No need for Tapatalk imo, but if others really like to use it....
  14. Actually, I take back what I just said if <10% of users are browsing with Tapatalk. You'll find the numbers in Analytics, Crayo.
  15. But still, the forum works wonderfully when browsed on mobile web..
  16. Yeah I saw those yesterday. Wish Tapatalk would just fix the god damn bug, but otherwise it's no problem just letting tapatalk users know that disabling the sig line is appreciated.
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