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  1. The Titantron's screen begins to error out, text begins to gumble as the arena lights begin to switch off one by one, creating a dark and creepy atmosphere. A Voice begins to pitch down.

    "And the Raven, never flitting, still is sitting, still is sitting
    On the pallid bust of Pallas just above my chamber door;
    And his eyes have all the seeming of a demon’s that is dreaming,
    And the lamp-light o’er him streaming throws his shadow on the floor;
    And my soul from out that shadow that lies floating on the floor
    Shall be lifted..."

    The Voice Deepens lower, it's almost hard to detect who it is, but easy enough to hear the words flowing.

    "I'm starting to feel for you, Rita. Your intimidating tactics are one of the keys of having people back down from a fight with you, but not me. I don't find you one bit intimidating, and i will not run from a battle after i viciously beat down my former leader Trip. Unlike Marcus, Or Danny i refuse to be the one who fleas the scene and hand you the victory as if you are worthy of such. And who am i to say all this? Afterall i am the only wrestler in this tournament who truly deserves a championship shot, I'm the only person who is yet to be given that chance to venture forth and complete my destiny, and the only reason why i haven't been given that chance is because of people like Michael who brings in a new championship, People like Trip who underestimate their creation, and people like Rita who has a different body type then mine and somehow gains more success then a hooters bar, all by doing nothing of course. It's time the three of you looked in the mirror and saw what useless talents you have all become, it's been proven that i am the future of this company time and time again and what more must i do to make these facts remain a legit reason as to why i am deserving or why i am the next champion in this company?"

    "It's pathetic to even fathom any of you being contenders when you three have done jack to earn such a humbled title such as "Contender.." So this is a forewarning to the three of you that come the end of this tournament you are all going to see a new side of Aiden Ryan, one to which will haunt your careers and your lives evermore. I am not going to sit aside and just let people stroll on through this ring getting cheap win, after cheap win and expecting such rewards. Know that by not letting this go through, that i will do nothing more then haunt you, I will be that raven on your chamber door, haunting, tormenting, until your limbs are sore. Know that by midnight your blood will pour, and know by day... there will be no more, for i will not allow you three to take what is mine, i'm taking that championship with me till the end of time.

    You've been warned, you've been forewarned, and only the wise would back down before there is no more of you to go around."
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    Haven't written in abit, figured it'd be a fun thing to do until my match with Trip.
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  2. Soon......
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  3. What a brave little birdy you're being, stepping up to your fellow contenders as if you're even in the same game- let alone the same league. *Rita's sweet smile suddenly drops * Spoiler alert- You aren't. You 'mercilessly beat Trip'? Well good for you hun. Shame you couldn't do the same to the Big guys, huh?

    Another spoiler alert, you aren't the only one that deserves a shot at gold and honestly, using Michael's fake title as an excuse *Rita laughs almost hytsterically * is poor form. You think that scrap of shit that he carries is even close to legit? You're more of a fool than I suspected.

    * Just as Rita turns back to face the top of the ramp she holds a finger up and turns back round *

    And I wouldn't blow your load quite so fast... you haven't beaten Trip yet. And even if you do, don't think for one second that this fine body couldn't mess you up six ways from Sunday. IF you get lucky enough to have the honour of facing me, then you're going to have short, sharp, shock little birdy.

    Ciao Bitches.

    *Rita waves a hand and turns, sashaying backstage *

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    BOOM @Butters! BOOM

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    ~Alkatrz walks out swaying like a madman with a disgusting grin on his face~

    (Madly) - You both shut up. You are in my house. This RAVEN does not exist, there is only I, the darkness. You both will know what I am on about. You seem to compare yourself to my quest. This will be most seriously dealt with.

    Now Rita. Sweet gorgeous Rita.

    ~Alkatrz licks his lips~

    There is no need for a woman to be here. leave my ring now whore. You also. It is my time now.
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    you just got jacked
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  5. Aiden Ryan looks over at Rita who is laughing at the sudden appearance and speech of Alkatrz, he looks back over at him and points to himself as if "You're telling me to get out the ring?" expression on his face. He lifts up his microphone and laughs before speaking.

    "Not to gloat or anything, But my shiny slammy shows that this house of yours has just been sold to the key holder of this division. And from my understanding, and possibly to Rita's as well you are just as irrelevant as you were when you were teaming with Danny Jacobs. I mean don't get me wrong or anything, I'm proud that you finally broke out of your shell and found who you truly were as a competitor, but that still doesn't change the fact that the audience here has no clue as to who the fuck you are and what this darkness you hold inside of you is? You and I are one very different paths and if i didn't call for you, or preach your name out to this audience or to these superstars there is no reason for a mediocre wannabe Aiden Ryan to be standing out here trying to steal my dark despair persona. You are no where near as close as to the dark prince that i am and if you really want to push me to that limit, both you and Rita can get it, right here, right now and the three of us can truly see who's time IT REALLY IS."

    Aiden Ryan drops the microphone as the audience reacts like thunder, As he then looks over at Rita and back up at Alkatrz with spilt chants echoing throughout the arena.

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    @Majour @Tumbas Just figured i'd add a little face, heel, neutral vibe here, you guys can obviously reject this as a challenge if you want. Thanks for making this interesting :D
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  6. ~Alkatrz smiles creepily ~
    Sounds like Mayhem.
    ~Alkatrz nods~​
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  7. The audience erupts twice as louder when Alkatrz accepts, Aiden Ryan looks over to Rita Kendall next and mouths.

    "Looks like luck has struck for me, it all lays on your shoulder if or if not you are woman enough to back up what you were preaching so confidently before, Rita. And what a fair advantage for you, two men who have yet to run away in their careers ready to duke it out with you as well. Are you game?"

    Aiden Ryan's teeth barely show as a manipulative smirk draws upon the face of him.

    OOC: @Majour TAG, you're it.