Racist Big Show?

Discussion in 'SmackDown' started by Senhor Perfect, Jan 30, 2013.

  2. Racist Big Show

    WWE mentality at it finest
  3. lol Sabu isn't even of Middle Eastern decent :dawg:

    Racism is an easy way to get heat and put ADR over I guess.
  4. I never said I was against it :lol1:
  5. Racism goes well with the PG Era...

  6. I think it's sterotypical. Much like Cesaro calling americans fat, it's a way to generate heat from the crowd.
  7. I think the word for it is oxymoron
  8. What's wrong with burritos? :sad:
  9. I thought it was a funny way to get heat, interesting to see some of the replies.
  10. Lol'd.

    Borderline offensive, but pretty fucking hilarious :obama:
  11. Big Show insulting Mexicans..:sad1:
  12. This.

    People are too salty. That probably got Show a ton of heat and ADR a lot of pops.
  13. He's a heel. Heels diss the crowd. Will have to quote Heyman here and say people want Attitude but complain when they push the envelope a bit (not necessarily you guys but people may complain about this).
  14. I find racist Big Show to be hilarious, cracks me up every time.
  15. Hits home, right Jose. Damn Mexican :aries:
  16. If R-Truth can come out with a southern confederacy uniform then Big Show can come out in an SS uniform or KKK hood. New tagline, world's largest racist :otunga:
  17. If that happened I would absolutely crack the hell up. I could just imagine him yelling "Gerd Damn Naggers!" :haha:
  18. When people complain he can go "Bitch please, Iron Clad Contract!"
  19. #IronKlanContract
    I remember when Kurt did that racist promo, that was pretty funny.
  20. If I wanted to get over as a heel wrestler I would probably do an anti religion gimmick in the south. But I probably wouldn't make it out alive.
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